A Very Serious Fall Nail Art. Plus, How-To!

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fall nail art

The air is getting cooler and days are shorter, that can mean only one thing… it’s time to rock some serious Fall nail art! And by serious, I mean nail art that literally says FALL. So if anyone will ever wonder what’s this gold, khaki abstract-mess-ness on your nails represents, they make no mistake – it’s FALL baby!

Okay, jokes aside… this Fall nail art is something new that I’ve tried – starting from the unusual colour palette (this is the first time I wore khaki nail polish!) to the Calligraphy (or shall I say Typography?) nail art details. I think it turned out really well, and I’m keen to experiment more with lettering on nails… In case you’d like to follow my example, find the HOW-TO below!

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  1. Start with a base coat.
  2. Add 2 layers of a light beige nail polish.
  3. Add khaki brush strokes and gold foil (if you need a tutorial for this look, here’s Abstract nails how to)
  4. Apply a think coat of a fast drying top coat. Wait until it’s dry.
  5. Apply black Gothic Letter stickers (here are my best tips on how to apply nail stickers flawlessly). I used letters F A L L for the obvious reasons ;) but feel free to use any other letters you like.
  6. Seal with a matter top coat and you’re done.

How easy is that?!

calligraphy nails


Wearing:  Gunmetal Double ring.

I’m certainly keen to excrement more with Gothic Letter stickers, and create some more Typography nail designs. Especially for Halloween, I think the gold Gothic Letters, would look awesome on black nails!

Now, over to you!

So, what do you think about this abstract Fall nail art and the idea of letters on your nails? Are you keen to try it?

If you do, make sure you show me ;) Hashtag #sonailicious.

– Maria, xx


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