8 Nail Polish Storage Ideas That Are Secretly Awesome

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8 nail polish storage ideas

How much polish do you own, 50, 500, more? Are you, like me, constantly battling with polish invading your tables, bathroom, bedroom and any other spare surface? Tired by this constant battle for space I’ve conducted intense research into the best ways to organise and store nail polish. Putting it in some boxes where no one ever will see your treasured bottles is not a solution. The goal was to find some awesome ideas that would contribute aesthetically to the room. So here they are, the 8 nail polish storage ideas that are secretly awesome. They won’t break your budget and will look cool in any environment, whether it’s your bedroom or nail salon. Enjoy!

  1. Plastic Box: perfect for small quantities or for particularly treasured polish. Can be placed on book shelf or a vanity table. In the early days of my polish addiction, I stored my polish in empty Ferrero Rocher boxes, which look exactly like this box minus the golden edges. Get the glass boxes here and here.
  2. Re-purposed Picture Frame: super stylish idea for your nail room or nail salon. Get these frames from this Etsy shop, or buy a photo frame and DIY!
  3. Vintage Vase: a boring vintage vase becomes a chic treasure holder once you pour some Chanel in it. Hunt down some vases in your local second-hand store.
  4. Jar: Double points if you organise your polish by colour in a few jars like this. Get some cool jars here and here.
  5. Plastic Nail Polish Rack: Perfect for display of high rotation colours. Ideal in your polish work area of if you own around 30 bottles.  Get from here or via eBay.
  6. Ikea Alex or Helmer: If you own more than 300 bottles, the Ikea Helmer is the way to go. If you own more then 500 get Alex. Alex looks cooler and won’t interfere with your interior. For those with a collection of 1000 and more (ahem), look at getting the tall Alex. Available via Ikea. PC: polishchest.
  7. Ikea Ribba Picture Ledges: I bet the designers didn’t envisage their picture ledges becoming the ideal solution for displaying nail polish! A great advantage of Ribba is that it comes in different sizes and you can paint it with any colour. Suitable for both nail salons and personal spaces. And yep, available at Ikea.
  8. Multiple Plastic Racks: Plastic racks can hang on the back of your wardrobe or a wall. It’s another excellent solution for those with large collections that need to have their polish on display or for keeping certain colours visible. Available from here or here.

How many bottle of polish do you own and how do you store your polish? Share in the comments below, would love to know!

– Maria, xx

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