8 Easy Summer Nail Designs to Try This Weekend

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summer nail design, aztec nails

Summer calls for bright funky nails! Whether it’s shimmering glitter at sunset or vibrant tropical nail art at the beach, now is the best time to rock nail art! Naturally, you don’t want to be trapped inside on a gorgeous summer day just to do your nails. After all, what’s the use of having a beautiful manicure if you can’t show it off and admire it in the summer sunlight?

So here are 8 incredibly quick and super easy options to have perfect summer nails, without wasting away your day (or night) inside!

1. Abstract Negative Space nails by @sohotrightnail

Put a couple different striping nail tapes and shattered glass foil pieces varying in length on a clear base. Cover it with a top coat. It’s just that easy. Not only that, but it meets the standards for at least two of the top trends this year, abstract and negative space. You can’t beat this ease and simplicity!

Abstract Summer nail design, Striping Tape Nails, sohotrightnail

2. Aztec nails by @so_nailicious

Bright and white, this sleek, aztec nail design is the perfect manicure for a day sunbathing by the pool. It will go with anything and is so quick and easy. To get the look, simply apply these Aztec nail stickers and thin silver tape over the white base, secure it all with a top coat and you’re good to go keep working on your tan!

summer nail design, aztec nails

3. Shattered Glass nails by @chelseaqueen

If you want to catch the eye of someone special, there’s no better way than with this shattered glass look. All you need is the shattered glass foil and a quick drying top coat. It’s simple, but boy does it shine! Not to mention, it looks like you spent hours when it was really only minutes.

shattered glass nails by @chelseaqueen

4. Chic Studded nails by @so_nailicious

Minimalist nail designs are so trendy right now and this manicure hits that nail right on the head. With easy-to-use studs and light peach polish (or whatever color you choose really), your friends will be dying to have your chic and sophisticated style with little to no effort from you!

easy nail art, summer nail design, SoNailicious

5. Two-toned Summer nail design by @marinelp91

Bring a bright summer sun yellow to your nails with this classy and adorable two-toned manicure. The silver tape in the middle adds the perfect amount of glam for sunny day at the beach. Plus, the white at the bottom will really bring out your tan!

yellow nails, summer nails with silver tape by @marinelp91

6. Starry nails by @so_nailicious

If you want to be ready and festive for 4th of July, but have just been too busy to do the nail design, try this one. It is so quick and easy, just use these nail stickers to create the star pattern. For a classic 4th of July nails look pair white stars with blue polish or blue and red stars with white polish, the options are endless!

Star nails, pink nails, sonailicious

7. Neon Polka Dot nails by @banksysgirlxo

Get your shine on with some neon! It’s the easiest way to be festive and still have more than just basic polish. This quick summer nail design idea captures the bright spirit of all things summer.

polka dot nails, summer nails by @banksysgirlxo

8. Positano inspired Summer nails by @so_nailicious

Summer nail designs are all about brightness and shine, but if you’re looking for something a little more different, this is the perfect look. It’s as easy as straight lines, dots (using a dotting tool or even a tooth pick) and two blue nail polishes of your choice to add the Mediterranean vibe to your fingertips. If you need a step-by-step, here’s tutorial.

positano, summer nail art

So, what are your favorite quick and easy summer design? What’s your favorite part of summer nails?

– Emily


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