8 Best Pinterest Accounts For Nail Inspiration

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8 best pinterest accounts nails and beauty

Are you on Pinterest? If not, then I’d recommend you join now. Whether you’re a nail art enthusiast or professional manicurist, Pinterest is such a great online tool to collect and curate all your inspirational images and of course, nail art ideas. The only downside is it’s a bit addictive!

To get you started or just to enhance your current Pin-feed, here’s our 8 favourite Pinterest accounts (in no particular order):

1. Who: My Chihuahua Bites, Belgium
Why Follow: There’s patterns, tons of fantastic nail art ideas and images of delicious looking sweets in ethereal colour palettes.

my chihuahua bites nails pinterest

2. Who: Pshiiit, France
Why Follow: Great patterns, colours, makeup and nail design ideas as well as random curious objects. You can feel Camilla’s signature style in every board.

pshiiit nails pinterest

3. Who: Emily Lacquerologist, USA
Why Follow: Emily pins lots of nails, delicious looking food recipes and great ideas for styling short hair

emily the lacquerologist nails pinterest

4. Who: Sephora, USA
Why Follow: A professionally curated Pinterest board. They pin the newest beauty trends, nail polish collections, beauty tips and products that they sell. Window pin-shopping, anyone?

sephora pinterest

5. Who: Marta Warmuz, Canada
Why Follow: In addition to her own nail art designs, the popular Canadian nail blogger Marta pins great nail art, DIY styling and recipe ideas.

marta warmuz chitchat nails pinterest

6. Who: Nailsalon Pomponner, Japan
Why Follow: What can be more nail-spirational than amazing designs created by one of the most popular Japanese nail art salons?

nail salon pomponner nails on pinterest

7. Who: Mademoiselle Emma, France
Why Follow: There must be something in the water, but French know how to pin! Bright colours, sweet treats, travel inspiration as well as elegant nail art ideas.

mademoiselle emma nails pinterest

8. Who: SoNailicious, Australia
Why Follow: Excuse the self-inclusion but… we pin lots and lots of pretty nails! To make it easy for you to find what you need we’ve arranged our boards by colour and occasion. We also have a soft spot for fashion, jewellery and decor, which all comes handy don’t you think?

sonailicious australian nail blog pinterest

Of course, this list is not comprehensive. There are many more fantastic Pinners out there and we’ll try to show you more in the future.

What are your favourite Pinterest accounts? Who do you enjoy following?

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