7 Polka Dot Nail Art Designs to Inspire

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7 polka dot nail art designsAs you may know, International Polka Dot Day is on this Sunday. We, nail art fans can participate by creating some great polka dot nails. So let’s rock the dots to show our appreciation for this happy pattern. Polka dot nail art designs are so easy to make and with this tutorial you can re-create any of the above 7 fabulous polka dot nail art designs.

1. In black and white oriental polka dots by WackyLaki, 2 & 4.  Polka dot feature nail and classic dotted nails in mint by Pshiiit, 3. Polka dot tips Karamellilunta,5. Glitter dots on black by Chalkboardnails, 6. My favorite mix & match manicure by NailedIt, 7. Gradient polka dots by OoohShinies

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