7 Brilliant Nail Art Resolutions To Make Now

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2017 nail art resolutions

Well hello! It’s been a while so first of all, belated Happy New Year nail art warriors! I hope you all had fabulous holiday. As for me, I had a very diverse one :) Contrary to the popular belief, I’m not lost in the Siberian mountains which is most likely when you last time saw my nails. In fact, we undertook another #crsnworldtour, so there’s plenty internationally themed of nail art coming your way. My Little Book of Nail Art is absolutely full of new ideas!

But before we proceed to nail arting our way through 2017, why don’t we make a few resolutions together to help improve our nail art in 2017? I’m not proposing anything vague or open ended, I’m talking about actionable resolutions that you were good enough to share with me on Instagram. So I’ve made these ideas into a useful compilation for the year ahead.

7 brilliant resolutions to make in 2017:

1. To Try Stamping Nail Art

Nina: “I want to try stamping!”

Zahra: “Try stamps and water decals and gel polish. Especially cat eye”

2. To Tackle The Untried Stash

Sol: “My resolution is to go through my untried stash, though I might need like five years to be able to do that…”

3. To Turn Your Nail Art Hobby Into Career

Elaine: “I’m designing wraps on Jamberry nail art studio but only with my original photos and my goal is to sell these designs”

4. To Try New Nail Art Techniques

Kate: “I’ve tried dry the marble technique before but it didn’t turn out that well. In 2017 I want to master marble, it is very beautiful”

Sapherma: “My resolution is to try more nail art techniques other than freehand”

Mette: “To do more reverse stamping manicures and gradients. Every time I do a gradient I’m amazed at how pretty it looks”

5. To Try Gel

Jacqueline: “I’ve never tried gel polish… so my new year nail resolution was to start using it and I love it! I had the idea to make marbled nail decals with gel polish on top of nail stickers and they actually turned out! Now I’m going to see how far I can go with that”

6. To Try More Unusual Manicures

Dhrupa:  “I want to try more unusual and challenging nail art – something that I haven’t done or tried yet”

Heather: “To try a smoosh manicure with textured polishes”

Eugenia: “To try more new nail art ideas. Thanks to my Little Book of Nail Art I have already accumulated so many new designs ready to be turned into nail art!”

7. To Start Nail Art Blog

Melinda: “My goal for the new year is to get better at doing gel nails ? Oh and I also want to set up my nail blog this year”

…and honourable mention goes to Lisa: “My resolution is to actually start doing nail art and posting it on Instagram…” – Good one! It’s never too late to join the fun!

So there you go, 7 brilliant nail art resolutions. The one I made for this year is to try more unusual manicures but now I’m also adding number 1 (to try stamping – finally!) and 2 (to tackle the untried stash) to my list.

What about you, what resolutions have you made for 2017? Is there something that we could add to the list? If you haven’t yet, why not make one right now and share in the comments below.

– Maria, xx

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