Expert Advice: 6 Ways To Save Money On (Polish) Shopping

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6 ways to save money on polish shopping

If you’re anything like me, I bet you have a never-ending, ever-expanding nail polish and beauty wish list. With new exciting collections popping up almost every day, the only question is how to satisfy your cravings without breaking your bank account.

Here are my top 6 ways to do that!

1. Plan In Advance

You probably already have a wish list but if you don’t, make one! It helps to visualise your cravings and control impulsive buys. After you’re done with your list – review it and cull all polishes that you’re not sure about.  Your goal is to buy polish that you really need, i.e. limited edition, unique colours, ones that will be used often, etc.

What do I really need? Review your stash once again and see how many untrieds and dupes are there. Add them to your list as reminder to yourself that you won’t need any more any of these colours or brands.

How much money I can spend comfortably? This is a tricky one. Who has never exceeded their spending limit? However, by writing down a real world number right at the top of your Wish List you’ll be reminded to stay realistic and maybe re-think some of the collections you were about to buy.

Extra tip: a monthly polish shopping budget is a great idea. You may go over the limit in one month and buy less in the next. The idea is to avoid systematic overspending.

2. Stay Informed

Information is power, why not use it to your advantage? Define your favorite brands and shopping sites and subscribe to their newsletters. They will notify you on their special offers first, give you special discounts or even maybe issue a gift card for your birthday! I’m subscribed to the Shopbop, Nordstrom and Sephora newsletters and a few indie brands. It’s nice to know who offers what and get first access to sales.

Extra tip: we often run exclusive promotions and offer special discounts for SoNailicious Boutique newsletter subscribers. So if you want to save money on all those nail polishes, nail stencils, nail art tools and of course, rings – just subscribe to our newsletter here and get all the best offers delivered straight into your inbox.

3. Always Check Clearance Sections and Discount Retailers

The first thing I check when I walk into Priceline, Sephora, etc. is the clearance sections. It can take time to dig through the piles of stuff but you never know what gems you can find! I found some many OPI polishes for $9 (normally $20) at Discount Chemist. When shopping online – always check the ‘SALE’ and ‘DEALS’ section – like here at Shopbop, Ulta and Nordstrom.

4. Know Where To Find Coupons, Deals and Sale Information

Coupons are a great way to save a little extra on your beauty purchases. Ulta almost always has coupons for non-prestige brands. Sephora and Nordstrom often offer gift with purchase. The best way to get coupons is to sign up for email lists and enroll in loyalty programs.

Unless the polish you are craving is a limited edition colour, it’s always a great idea to wait a bit until it goes on sale. Keep checking though, and it gets low in stock then get it. I missed out a few times on colours that I really wanted and it’s not the best feeling. The idea is to find the perfect balance between what you really have to purchase now and what can wait.

Will this item go on sale? You will always pay premium price if a collection has just been released. However, as new items become less popular they might go on sale and that’s when you strike! Make sure you keep an eye on when your favorite brands have sales. Back to point 2 – stay informed by subscribing to their newsletter.

Can I find a coupon for this item somewhere? If you combine sales with coupons, you’ll save even more. For the internet-savvy, E-Bay can be a great source of coupons. Also, sites that offer free printable coupons, like Coupons and Retail Me Not could be a good option. 

5. Plan A Nail Sale or Polish Swap

Every 6 months I review my stash. I gather all nail polishes that I haven’t tried and I feel like I can let them go in a separate box. Then I organise a tea and cake date with my beauty-obsessed friends and run a nail sale. I give it all away for a fraction of the real cost and some even for free.

These kind of events are great. First of all, you get to catch up with your friends and they get some new super awesome bargains. You get some extra cash to spend on new goodies or for whatever it is you need. For instance, last time via an event like this I raised some money to cover my husband’s medial expenses (not all, of course, but right now every bit counts).

6. Expand Your Shopping Universe

If you normally head straight to your favorite website, specialty store, or the mall when you need to buy something, consider these other shopping options that can save you a great deal of money:

Is someone personally selling what I need? E-Bay or even your favorite bloggers’ online Nail Sales tend to offer great things at much lower than retail prices. Don’t expect to find absolutely everything at these sales, but do check them out from time to time to add value to your shopping budget.

Can I find a better price elsewhere? Often I find that comparing retail prices to a couple of online stores can result in up to a 30% lower price. Various online stores have different prices. For example, here is Essie polish and there is Essie polish. See the difference?

In anticipation of the biggest sale of the year, I hope you find this article useful and don’t loose your mind at all the offers about to come at you from everywhere. Shop wisely my friends and save those hard earn dollars!

Now, your turn…

What are your best ways to save money on polish? Any awesome sales, reward programs or newsletters you swear by.

– Maria, xx

P.S. Speaking of sales… there is an awesome Black Friday offer coming on SoNailicious.com this Friday (2 pm – Sydney time). So come back and take advantage of it! Remember? We shop to save! ;)

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