Nails of Instagram: 6 Up & Coming Nail Accounts to Follow

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New Instagram Nails: @Faustgil
Nails by @Faustgil
Nails by @Faustgil
New Instagram Nails: @lieve91
New Instagram Nails: @piouh
Nails by @piouh
New Instagram Nails: @rockyournails
New Instagram Nails: @pamelapamelo
New Instagram Nails: @cassgooner
New Instagram Nails: @cassgooner

We’ve already listed some of the best nail Instagram accounts for short nails, long nails and even named the top 10 celebrity manicurists you should be following. Now it’s time to throw the spotlight on new talent! These 6 nail artists know how to polish and each has their own distinctive style. Their quirky nail designs certainly freshened up our Instagram feed, they’ll surely do the same to yours.  So meet and great!

6 Up & Coming Instagram Nail Accounts to Follow:

1. Who: Faustine @faustgil, France
Why follow: Flawless manicures, original nail art ideas (matching jewellery and outfits as only the French can) and holographic polishes… lots of holographic polishes. Occasionally punctuated by photos of a cute puppy and crepes.

2. Who: Anja @lieve91, Slovenia
Why follow: Stunningly detailed nail designs and original ideas. Wooden effect nails? Yes please! Tiny strawberries or polka dot giraffe? Easy! Anja isn’t posting often but when she does each new design is a work of art.

3. Who: Dana @piouh, France
Why follow: A professional nail artist from France, Dana is known for her bright abstract prints, quirky designs and unusual use of nail jewellery. She is definately one to watch!

4. Who: Mely @rockyournails, US
Why follow: The name of this Instagram account says it all pretty much. Mely rocks her nails like no one else – bright neons, nail jewellery and unusual patterns, you’ll find it all @rockyournails.

5. Who: Pamela @pamelapomelo, Mexico
Why follow: Pink sculls, tiny fruit prints and holographic swirls, Pamela’s designs are easy to do but the way she combines colours is incredible and really makes her account stand out from the crowd.

6. Who: Cassie @cassgooner, UK
Why follow: Floral patterns, pastel colours and amazingly detailed nail designs that make you wonder: “How did she do THAT?” Well, Cassie actually shows you how as she posts tutorials too!

What about you guys, have you discovered any amazing Instagram nail accounts recently? Who have you been following? Come on share, we’d love to check out your favourites too!

PS. Don’t forget to follow SoNailicious Instagram, because you know, we show nails there too ;)

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