6 Fashion Nail Designs To Feel The Fashion Week Vibe

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6 easy fashion nail designs

With the Sydney Fashion Week (or MBFWA as it’s officially called) in town next week, let’s have a quick talk about what’s in it for us nail art enthusiasts. First of all, fashion weeks are typically where quite a few new nail care products, polish colours and even ranges are revealed. So it’s great to be first to see and even trial those products way before they hit the shelves. Second, fashion weeks are perfect for spotting emerging trends. Not just fashion trends, but beauty in general and nail trends, in particular. And finally, fashion itself is one of the best sources of nail art inspiration. Prints, patterns, colours – it’s all already there for you. All you need is to pick your favorite design and translate it onto your nails. As easy as it sounds!

So here are some of our favorite Fashion nail designs that we’ve done over the last year (in order as they appear in the slider below):

  1. Marc Jacobs Inspired Nail Art
  2. Christian Dior Resort 2014 Nails
  3. Josh Goot Inspired Nails
  4. Missoni Nails
  5. Kenzo Nails
  6. Marni Bag Inspired Nails
Marc Jacobs Inspired Nails
Christian Dior Nails
Josh Goot Nails
Missoni Nails
Kenzo Eye Nails
Marni Bag Inspired Nails

Have you ever done any fashion inspired nails or re-created any of these designs? Keen to try any?

PS. I’ll be spending next week at MBFWA so make sure you’re following my Twitter and Instagram for real time updates from the shows, backstage reports and of course, my own nails and outfits (something new everyday!!!).

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