5 Texture Nails to Try in 2013

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5 texture nails, nail trend 2013Textured nails will be a major nail trend for 2013. We are quite familiar with caviar and matte nails. They will continue to be popular in 2013. What comes next is Leather, Dust, Sands and Flock. Colours and designs become more subtle as more attention is paid to texture. Personally, I’m quite excited about this new trend and looking forward to trying every new texture available. Because this year there will be many, the 5 listed here are just the beginning! Remember, you read it here first ;)

5 Texture nails to try in 2013:

  1. Zoya Pixie Dust. It’s textured, matte and at the same time sparkling. I’m in! Available for pre-order.
  2. Ciate velvet nails. Sophisticated soft, matte finish makes this polish a must have for any nail art enthusiast. Pre-order!
  3. Leather Effect nails. Innovative and cutting the edge as always NailsInc came up with leather texture nails. Must have, by here.
  4. OPI Liquid Sand, Mariah Carey collection available in January 2013. Stay The Night shade is, very likely, the most interesting in the collection. This mani created by chitchatnails.
  5. Flocking nails. Fluffy nails, can anything be cuter?! This one we can do now (yay!). Flocking powder can be bought from bornprettystore. Pc: lifestylemirror.

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