5 Glitter Manicures To Try

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5 glitter manicures to inspireChristmas is approaching so it’s time to get into the festive mood! The easiest way to do that is to add some glitter to your nails. Here are 5 beautiful glitter manicures from leading nail art bloggers to inspire you:

1. Bregje of Oooh Shinies, created this manicure with 2 polishes – light blue glitter polish as base and stamped with opaque light teal polish. This manicure can be also achieved with a drag marble technique.

2. Camille of Pshiiit, created this gradient glitter nail art by applying emerald glitter polish over a black base.

3. The author of this sequin nail art is also Camille and it’s pretty easy to re-create. Paint your nails with black nail polish and then accurately stick sequins (ie. large particles of glitter) along the tips of your nails. Seal with a generous layer of high shine top coat.

4. Another variation of a French manicure created by Erika of Chloe’s nails. A matte grey base and glitter/shimmering tips (this and this nail polish can be used). To re-create this manicure use sticky tape or simply paint a precise thin line along the tips of your nails (similar tutorial here).

5. Inverted gradient glitter nails by an unknown author. This tutorial can be very helpful if you wish to re-create this mani.

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