Happy 4th of July Nail Art – Tutorial

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4th of july nail art tutorial

Doing patriotic nail art on your country’s National Day is a tradition now. So with the US Independence Day just around the corner, we’re showing you how to do 4th of July nails. To re-enforce the American spirit, we used some of the most popular US polish brands – Sally Hansen, Essie and Shimmer Polish.

The great thing about this 4th of July nail art tutorial is that you’ll be able to re-create any of the traditional 4th of July nails. And if you feel like the original nail design is too complex, it’s easy to simplify. Just do one accent nail and to keep the rest solid red white or blue.

how to do 4th of july nails, tutorialHOW TO:

  1. Paint all nails, except for your ring finger in 2 coats of opaque white nail polish. Paint the ring finger in dark blue.
  2. Using striping brush, paint thin red stripes on middle, little and thumb nails. To make it easier, instead of painting the red stripes, simply attach pieces of red striping tape.
  3. Paint your pointer finger nail with 2 coats of thick silver glitter polish.
  4. Using blue polish and same nail polish brush, paint French manicure like tips (in one stroke) on middle, little and thumb nails.
  5. Using a needle, pick up silver glitter stars and place them on the blue accent nail and ring finger. Then put them on the French tips, little and thumb finger nails.
  6. Clean up around cuticles using angled brush dipped in acetone. Allow some time for your design to set, you don’t want to smudge the red polish. Then apply 3 or 4 generous layers of a quick drying top coat to cover up the stars and smooth your nail art. Done!

pretty 4th of july nail art4th of july nail art tutorial 12patriotic nails, 4th of july nails tutorial4th of july nail art

Used: Sally Hansen Complete Manicure 570 Right Said Red, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 250 Blue It, Essie Blanc (white), Shimmer Polish Alice (silver), silver star shaped glitter and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash top coat.

This 4th of July nail art is our second National Day manicure. The first one was Australia Day (of course!). We’ll do some more different patriotic nails in the future. Nominate your country or send us examples of your own national themed nail art.

– Maria, xx

PS. If you recreate this 4th of July nail art, tag @So_Nailicious in your photo on Instagram, we’d love to see your work!

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