28 days of SoNailicious Nails – Day 12 – Check Mate Love! 3D Nails

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3D nailsDAY 12 – Check Mate Love! 3D nails

3D nails are something I’d never imagined I’d see on my nails. Not only because I prefer classic glossy manicures but also because I simply have no time for intricate nail art extravaganzas. However, after interviewing Sammy (The Nailasaurus) and seeing her amazing 3D nail art I was inspired to try it too. There are different types of 3D nail designs for instance, studs, rhinestones, plastic flowers or bows. For my 3D nails I wanted to keep it all simple yet make a statement so I opted for black rhinestones. From there the idea for the design emerged – check mate nails!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day for the 3D details I did cut-out heart. For other occasions the heart can be replaced with a white stripe running along the nail outlined with rhinestones. And, it was quite easy to do!

3D nails black and white3D nails, black and white nails3D nails how to

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