14 Sensational Snowflake Nail Designs to Try

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14 snowflake nail designs

Christmas is only 3 weeks away! To get you into the festive spirit, today I present you 14 most beautiful Snowflake nail designs. Snowflakes is one of the traditional winter symbols and there are super fun to paint. Though, if you’d like to avoid freehand experiments, there are certainly a few shortcuts for getting these beauties on your nails ;) *quickly glances at Snowflake stickers*

Whether you’re up for an easy Snowflake nail art or more sophisticated Christmas nail design, I’ve got your covered! And, remember, Snowflake nails are not just about the traditional white and blue combo, they can be any colour you want, just add a few snowflakes over!

Scroll down to view 14 sensational Snowflake nail designs and make sure to pin some of your favorites, so you remember the idea!

1. White Christmas Snowflake nails by @so_nailicious

How-to: First create a gradient manicure, then add white Snowflake stickers to finish off this magnificent Christmas design!
snowflakes christmas nail art

2. Easy Snowflake nails by @lieve91

How-to: This intricate winter nail design is entirely hand painted. Anja used 02 Needle liner brush to paint her flawless snowflakes.

beautiful Snowflake nail designs

3. Festive Snowflake nail design by @paulinaspassions

How-to: Paulina’s manicure with gold Snowflake stickers look captures the Christmas spirit perfectly!

Snowflake nails

4. Minimalist Snowflake manicure by @ilaeti

How-to: This stunning winter manicure is easily achieved with the Christmas stickers. Laetitia uses white Snowflakes.White Snowflake nails

5. Christmas Sweater nails by @so_nailicious

How-to: Simply add white Christmas Sweater stickers and white Snowflakes over metallic red nail polish to get this merry manicure. For step-by-step instructions follow this Christmas Sweater nails how-to.
red and white christmas nails

6. Blue and Gold Snowflake nails by @laublm

How-to: To recreate this Snowflake nail design, simply paint all nails with a metallic blue nail polish, wait until dry and add gold Snowflake stickers. Finish off with a matte top coat for a chic look.
blue and gold snowflake nails

7. Negative Space Christmas nails by @Jeealee

How-to: To recreate this beautiful manicure, use a fine detailing nail art brush to paint snowflakes. Add a few colorful rhinestones and studs to complete the look. Finish off with a matte top coat.
Snowflakes winter nails

8. Galaxy Snowflake nails by @laublm

How-to: First sponge some blue and purple over dark shimmer to achieve galaxy nails effect. Then add white Snowflake stickers to complete your cosmic creation.
Galaxy snowflake nail art

9. Glam Snowflake nails by @so_nailicious

How-to: Simply add gold Snowflake stickers over dark plum nails to create a perfect Christmas manicure.

gold and red christmas nails11. Candy Cone Snowflake nail design by @justnails.pl

How-to: To recreate this festive manicure use 03 Spear brush to paint flawless straight lines for candy cone nail and 01 Warrior detailing brush for snowflake pattern.

Snowflake nail design 12. Delicate Holiday nail art by @so_nailicious

How-to: To recreate this nail design use white Snowflakes, Christmas Sweater and Glitter Stripe stickers. Add a few pearls and rhinestones to complete the look. For step-by-step instructions follow this Holiday nail art how-to.
holiday nails

13. Monochrome Snowflake nail design by @polishpixie92

How-to: to get the perfect black snowflakes, Emilia used stamping technique.
Snowflake nail design

14. Christmas Sweater nails by @so_nailicious

How-to: Paint nails in alternating dark red and gold. Wait until dry, then add gold Snowflake stickers on your pointer finger. Paint Christmas tree and candy cone patterns with 02 Needle liner brush and add star rhinestone  at the top. For Christmas ornament on ring finger use thin gold Stripe stickers, gold beads and small gold studs. Finish off with a glossy top coat.

snowflake nails with SoNailicious Snowflake stickers

There you have it, 14 fabulous Snowflake nail designs! I especially like the monochrome Snowflake nails – so unique and unusual yet perfect for the festive season.

Now over to you!

Which Snowflake nails from the above compilation is your favourite?

– Maria, xx


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