12 Fabulous Fall Nails To Try Now

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12 fall nails to try

As summer ends, it’s time to get excited for Fall nails! With nature’s vibrant colours and fresh produce abounding, there are plenty of inspiration everywhere for Autumn nail art. Plus, long evenings are perfect for extensive nail art experiments and trying new techniques. So here’s a list of some great ideas you can try to get your Fall off to a great start.

Scroll down to view them all and make sure to pin some of your favorite Fall nails so you remember the ideas!

1. Floral Fall Nails by @lieve91

How-to: The design is hand-painted with acrylic paints using 01 Warrior nail art brush.

Floral Fall nail design

2. Minimalist Fall Nails by @so_nailicious

How-to: This geometric look can be hand-painted, or you can use nail stencils (see tutorial here). Finish your design with a matte top coat.

fall nails, opi icelanded a bottle of OPI

3. Nail Art D’Automne by @melynenailart

How-to: Get this look by using the gradient technique, then reverse stamping to create the beautiful Fall leaves pattern.

Nail art d automne

4. Edgy Fall Nails by @so_nailicious

How-to: First paint all nails with light brown colour, then using the 03 Spear and 02 Needle brushes, create the minimalist pattern for a gorgeous matte look. Watch this tutorial to see how to do it.

fall nails, dior rouge nail polish

5. Floral Fall nails by @lieve91

How-to: The incredible Anja used the 02 Needle liner brush to create this hand-painted design.

floral fall nails

6. Givenchy Fall Nails by @so_nailicious

How-to: Inspired by Givenchy shoes, this geometric Fall nail design is hand-painted with the 02 Needle brush.

Givenchy Nails, givenchy shoes fall 2016, NAFW 2016

7. Easy Fall Nail Art by @melynenailart

How-to: Simply apply black Aztec nail stickers over rusty red holographic nail polish and secure the design with a glossy top coat. And, if you need some extra guidance, learn how to apply nail stickers like a pro.

Easy Fall nail art

8. Abstract Fall Nails by @so_nailicious

How-to: Use the 03 Spear nail brush to paint long thin lines – to achieve this striking abstract Fall nail art.

Fall nails

9. Matte Fall Nails by @lacktraviata

How-to: Simply apply Celestial stickers over dark brown nail polish and secure the design with a matte top coat.

matte fall nails10. Freehand Autumn Nail Design by @lieve91

How-to: Anja used the 02 Needle liner brush and acrylic paints to hand-paint this stunning Autumn leaf design.

autumn nail design

11. Autumn Nails by @so_nailicious

How-to: Using the 02 Needle brush and wavy stencils, create this Autumn nail design in the classic Fall colours. For a step-by-step how to, see this tutorial.

autumn nails

12. Evening Fall Nails by @hannahroxit

How-to: First, create the delicate neutral gradient, then add clear rhinestones along cuticles to get this beautiful evening Fall nail art.

fall nails with rhinestones

There you have it, 12 fabulous Fall nail art ideas! With all these gorgeous manicures, it’s easy to embrace this moody season. Is it raining outside? Awesome, I’ll stay at home and do my nails ;) I especially like the Fall leaves with reverse stamping  – long Autumn evenings are perfect for learning new nail art techniques.

Now over to you!

Which Fall nails from the above compilation are your favourite?

– Maria, xx


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