10 Reasons Why Nail Art Rocks

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i love nail art

Often when doing nails I catch myself thinking: “Yep, that’s exactly why I love nail art!” And every time that’s a different reason… It’s satisfying, rewarding, fun, relaxing and challenging at the same time. Over time I’ve discovered so many great things about nail art that eventually, I decided to write about it just to pay tribute to the activity that brought us all together.

So here are 10 reasons why nail art rocks:

1. Absolute Creativity: you can do whatever you want, whenever and as often as you like with your nails. Even if you’re not the most amazing nail artist in the world, your work can still get recognised by the nail art community.

2. Amazing Community: The nail art community is the loveliest and most supportive community. Ever.

3. Affordable: Almost anyone can afford to buy a bottle (or 10) of nail polish. You can even buy Chanel nail polish if you feel like splurging. The difference bin price between a Chanel bag and a Chanel polish is vast to say the least.

4. Anytime: Paint your nails during the day or night, while its raining or snowing, summer or winter, in the airport or in the car… well, it maybe difficult to do nail art in the car but you get the idea right?

5. Economical: Nail polishes do not go out of fashion, or at least not as fast as clothes do. Good polishes will last many years too. So when buying another nail polish, you’re not wasting money, you’re extending your collection!

6. Compact: Storing 100 polishes takes less space than 100 shoes for example. Even if you own 2, 000 polishes you still will be able to store them (hello Ikea Helmer!). Yet storing 2,000 shoes would be a bit problematic for most people.

7. Happiness:  Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that human body releases endorphins during nail painting. They also found that a well executed manicure can make you 80% happier than consuming a 50g Snickers bar. Ok, jokes! But seriously, does a great manicure make you feel happy? It does, right? We don’t need scientists to prove to us that we feel happy. We just do!

8. Ageless: It doesn’t really matter how old you are 15 or 55. Just make sure you use a good hand cream and cuticle oil religiously.

9. Family Activity: If you have kids, nail art can be a great activity to do together. Make sure you use 5-Free polishes though. As for the kids, believe me they’ll get so excited about doing nail art together (most likely you’ve already heard the “I want nails like mum!” too many time) they’ll actually sit still and listen. “Want your nails painted? Clean your room first” Yep, it works!

10. Conversation Starter:  So many times complete strangers have asked about my nails. Always in a most respectful and polite way. Men, women and of course, kids! Nail art brings people together, proven.

What about you guys? Why do you love nail art? What else can we add to the list?

PS. I wonder if we can make it to “100 Reasons Why WE Love Nail Art…”

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