10 Nail Polishes Mia Wallace Could Wear Now

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pulp fiction Mia Wallace dark red nails

Recently Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Back in 1994 when it was released I was in a high school and to be honest, makeup, nails and personal style interested me much more than geometry and physics.

So when my BFF at that time and I got our hands on a Pulp Fiction video tape (yes, video tapes existed!) we watched it twice in one day. The unusual plot, stylised characters, witty dialogues and of course, Mia Wallace, played by Uma Thurman! With a straight black bob, winged eyes, dark lip and dark red nails, Mia was the epitome of cool. Needless to say, that year I cut my fringe exactly the same way.

When I’ve travelled to London later that year I searched high and low just to find a white blouse, a suit and a dark red polish. Strangely, in 1994 it was easier to find the a-la Mia Wallace shirt rather than a dark red polish. They were either black or red but nothing that looked like Mia’s nails.

Now in 2018 things are different, polishes come in all possible colours and finishes. So if Mia was ‘born’ not in 1994 but in 2018 she surely could easily to expand her nailicious repertoire from a classic dark red to quite a variety of shades to match her 90-s femme fatale style.

 Here are the best 10 nail polishes Mrs Wallace could wear:

10 best dark red nail polishes, mia wallace pulp fiction

  1. Guerlain Vega, $25.00
  2. Urban Decay Mrs Mia Wallace, $15.00
  3. Deborah Lippman Single Ladies, $18.00
  4. Chanel Rouge Noir, $27.00
  5. Essie Wicked, $8.50
  6. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, $9.50
  7. Chanel Malice, $27.00
  8. ORLY Ruby, $18.95
  9. Sally Hansen 640 Plum Luck, $7.99
  10. NARS Chinatown, $20.00

Now, guys spill, how many times did you watch “Pulp Fiction”?

– Maria, xx

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