10 Fashion Week Survival Beauty Tips To Adopt for Real Life

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New York Fashion Week is kicking off today. As someone who’s experienced the fashion week frenzy in real life, I can assure you it’s not all as glamorous and easy as it seems from the photos. It’s a hard work for everyone – designers, models, journalists and even harder for bloggers, who in some ways, encompass all of the above in one person.

Though, fashion week attendee or not, we all have those times when we’re running around like crazy trying to do a million things in a condensed period of time. With all that going on, we’re going to look a bit frazzled right? Well, regardless of how busy you are, you still only get one chance to make a first impression. And that’s why dear reader, to keep you looking great at all times we’re sharing our fashion week tips for daily life with you.

Here are our 10 surefire beauty tips for keeping it fresh and glamorous when running on limited time and minimal sleep.

1. Hydration. Drink, drink and drink WATER. You may skip a meal or 2 but make sure you keep drinking water, at least 1.5 litres a day. Headaches and vagueing out at the after-show function  is not what you’re aiming for. Carry a small water bottle with you and keep re-filling it at every opportunity.

Does the job: 1.5 litres of pure water. Even better: Evian facial water spray.

2. Concealer is your BFF. It’s amazing how concealer can transform a tired face to looking glowing and rested. Check out this tutorial to learn how to conceal dark under eye circles like a pro.

Does the job: L’Oreal Lumi Magic. Even better: YSL Touche Eclat.

3. High energy snacks. Nuts, dry fruit or fresh fruit, snack when you can. It will help to keep your glucose levels consistent and avoid late night binges. Avoid energy bars at all costs and be careful not to eat too much finger food, they are high in calories and low in nutritional value.

Does the job: Apple. Even better: Raw almonds.

4. Minimal makeup. Fresh faced beauty with one accent, bright lip or bright eyes for example. This effortless look will make you look younger too. Skip powder and use matte finish foundation instead.

Does the job: L’Oreal BB Luminosity Code. Even better: MAC Face and Body Foundation.

5. Sleek do. Cover girl like professional blow dry is good but hello, apart from the expense we don’t have time for hair styling extravaganzas. A simple pony tail will get you a long way. It’s chic, right on trend and your hair will stay put and good even during the unpredictable weather and running after buses or through the subway.

Does the job: John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight. Even better: Redken Align 12 Ultra Straight Balm

6. Vitamins. When in rush, we often skip meals and healthy food. To help keep your body performing well, at least have multi vitamins and vitamin C to keep your immune system strong.

Does the job: Vitamin C. Even better: Swisse Women’s Ultivite.

7. Manicure in advance. It makes sense getting gel nails done before an event. Well groomed nails last for at least 2 weeks so you’ll save a significant amount of time not having to do your nails every second day. If you can’t do gel for some reason, use fast drying top coats to speed up the process. Plus, bright nail art is an excellent way to take attention away from your (potentially) tired face. Speaking from personal experience gained at the last Australian Fashion Week!

Does the job: Essie Good To Go. Even better: ORLY SmartGel Manicure At Home kit.

8. Long lasting makeup. While you’ll be using minimal makeup during those busy times, make sure everything is also long lasting. If you’re running errands for 10 hours straight, you don’t want to end up looking like a horror movie clown. You want to look flawless right till the end and long lasting makeup is a big help! It will save space in your bag making it lighter, and less bulky.

Does the job: L’Oreal Power Volume 24 Hour Waterproof Mascara. Even better: Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara.

9. Sneaky flats. Heels (of course). Even the comfiest heels feel like a torture after 8 hours of running around. So, if you can, skip heels on a busy day or at least carry a pair of foldable flats in your bag. As soon as you can, do a sneaky Cinderella change. It’s faster to run from one location to another in flats too ;)

Does the job: Scholl Party Feet Foldable Flats. Even better: Yosi Samra Foldable Flats

10. SPA. When the madness is over, take time to recharge and reinvigorate. You’ve survived the week (or a day), you deserve a reward.

Does the job: DIY spa at home. Even better: SPA session preferably with a massage in your favorite salon.

What are your favorite beauty products or tips & tricks that help you to stay fresh when operating under pressure?


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