10 Fabulous & Easy Manicure Ideas for a First Date

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Last week we looked at some of the best prom nail designs. This week’s ‘Friday Nailspiration‘ post is dedicated to manicure ideas for another important occasion… a first date! Today Candice, busy mother of 3, wife and… owner of the popular @ConstantlyPolished from USA, showcases 10 fabulous yet easy manicure ideas for a first date! Enjoy! – Maria, xx

easy manicure ideas accent nail 1
Look 1. Make date night fun and flirty with this simple, yet eye-catching dotticure. Start off by painting four nails a bright pink (or the color of your choice) and paint your middle finger a contrasting color. Using a dotting tool, toothpick or bobby pin, use either black acrylic paint or black polish to make your dots. While your dots are drying, move on to bling out that accent nail. I used pearl and black beads, but let your imagination run free. Once you are done with your accent nail, add topcoat to the rest of your nails, and you’re done. 
 easy manicure ideas polka dot 2
Look 2. Can’t decide between a naughty or nice manicure on that first date? Why not do a little bit of both? For this simple mix and match design, paint two of your nails black and add gold studs in a floral pattern.  Next, paint your index finger gold to really compliment your studded nails. Add a subdued pink to your last two nails, and add black dots to add a little bit of a feminine touch. 

 easy manicure ideas negative space 3

Look 3. Negative space and half moon manicures are really on trend right now, so you can never go wrong by combining the two looks. For this manicure, I used reinforcements over a clear base coat, but you can freehand your half-moons if you’ve got a steady hand. Next, painted a shimmery nude color over the rest of the nail, and promptly remove the reinforcement so that the line would be crisp. Then add black dots with black paint, and once they are dry, add a generous topcoat for added shine. This manicure also looks great with a matte top coat as well. 

easy manicure ideas floral print nails 4 
Look 4. This girly manicure was heavily inspired by “just1nail”. She does amazing floral and vintage designs, so I wanted to try my hand at one as well. For this look, China Glaze For Audrey was used as a base and then white dots were added with acrylic paint.  Once dry, stipple pink paint on the base and tip of your nail.  After a minute or so, go back over the pink areas and stipple yellow paint over the pink areas. Add some random leaves and black dots in the center of the flowers, and your design is complete. 
easy manicure ideas accent nail 5
Look 5. This eye catching look was inspired by colorful jewellery. It’s extremely simple, yet your date is sure to take notice. To achieve this look, paint all of your nails gold and apply a matte top coat. Next apply colorful rhinestones on your accent nail to really make your manicure come to life. It’s as easy as that!
easy manicure ideas lace nails 6
Look 6. If a delicate manicure is what you’re going for, this might be the perfect look for you. The best part is it’s super easy to pull off. Start by painting all of your nails a pale pink or nude color, like Rimmel Soul Session. Then paint black dots on three of your nails. For the double accent nails I used water decals by Born Pretty Store, but stamping, or doing a free hand  design would also work if you don’t have water decals. Add a fast drying top coat and you’re done.  
easy manicure ideas studs nails 8
Look 7. Perhaps delicate isn’t your thing. No worries, this look might be right up your alley. This stud placement was inspired by “thenailasaurus”. Paint all of my nails a dark color (used: Sinfulcolors Leather Loose). While the polish is still tacky, apply gold studs to the middle of your nail. You don’t have to apply a top coat over the studs, but they will last considerably longer if you do. 
easy manicure ideas blue and silver 8
Look 8. If you’re wanting to be noticed, these nails will do just that. This beautiful cobalt blue is Sinfulcolors Endless Blue. To add some interest, do a simple glitter placement with loose glitter. I’ve seen nail art glitter supplies popping up all over, so chances are good you can find some in the nearest craft or nail art/beauty supplies store. 
easy manicure ideas polka dot
Look 9.  This manicure is so easy to do, the last thing you will be stressing over are your nails. Paint all of your nails a vibrant pink color (used: JLB Pink-tini). Next add textured gold dots with OPI Honey Rider,  in different sizes with a set of dotting tools. You can add topcoat for added shine, or leave as is. It’s up to you. 

easy manicure ideas first date

Look 10.  This look is a little bit sweet, and a little bit sassy. Painted your ring finger black, and then stamp this dotty design over it. Add holographic glitter over some of the dots for a little extra shine. Next, paint the rest of your nails a shimmery mauve color and  add a transparent shimmer/glitter topper, like China Gaze Fairy Dust, then sealed it all with a top coat. Done!

What do you think guys, what manicure is your favorite? Would you prefer feminine nails or something more edgy to wear for a first date?

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