10 Best SoNailicious Nail Tutorials of 2015

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10 best nail tutorials by @so_nailicious

True to SoNailicious tradition, we’re wrapping up 2015 with a compilation of the best nail tutorials we put together during the last year. So if you haven’t tried any of these yet, holidays is the perfect time – just click the title above the image to see the step-by-step how-to.

The best 10 nail tutorials of 2015, according to you, our readers, from the 10th to the most popular:

10. 50 Shades Of Grey Nail Art Tutorial

50 shades of grey nail art

9. Pastel Negative Space Nail Art Tutorial

pastel negative space nail art

8. Vietnam Inspired Floral Nail Art Tutorial

Floral nail art tutorial

7. Faberge Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial: 2015 Version

Faberge Easter Egg Nail Art

6. Graphic Black and White Nail Art Tutorial

black and white nail art

5. Hawaiian Flower Nail Art Tutorial

Hawaiian flower nail art tutorial

4. Roman Holiday Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

gradient nail art

3. Outlined Half Moon Tutorial Mint half moon manicure tutorial 1

2.  Black Lace Nail Tutorial

black lace nail art

1. Indigenous Australian Art Inspired Nails + Tutorial

Australia day nailsAboriginal art australia day nails 2

By the way, the winner in the Nail Art category was this funky Sophia Webster Watermelon nail design. It’s not surprising, because these Watermelon Nails were also the second most re-created nail art of 2015! The third one was these blue and pink Valentine’s Day nails  and the first one – yep, the Indigenous Australian Art inspired nails (above) strike again! This design was recreated so many times that some of nail art enthusiasts don’t even know about the origins of this look :) Finally, the winner in the Most Popular Nail Polish category – Chanel Vibrato and Fortissimo.

So what do you think about this compilation, have you tried any of these nail tutorials? What’s your favorite?

– Maria, xx

***Do you want to see all SoNailicious nail tutorials created in 2015? Here they are. Looking for something more exclusive, something that you can keep? We’ve got you!

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