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blue and white wedding nailswhite and blue wedding nailsbeautiful white and blue wedding nails white and blue wedding nails

Here they are the wedding nails! A bit different from a traditional bridal manicure, but our wedding was anything but traditional! Instead of a flowing bridal gown I wore white leather paired and short hair with white and blue accessories. So naturally I opted for an edgy nail design for my wedding nails. Our official wedding photos will be ready soon, so you’ll get to see the full outfit!

The nail design I’m showing today was my second look because somehow I broke my nails (arghhh!) completely ruining the first, more complex blue and white nail design done the night before. I did these cloudy ombre nails on the actual wedding day because it’s a super quick (how-to here) and failsafe design.

So ladies, if you’re getting married, take one piece of advice: get gel nails or good quality clip-on nails. Anything can happen on your wedding day so you need everything to be 100% fault proof. If something goes wrong, you won’t have time to replace or re-do it. Gel nails, love or hate’em, are much more chip resistant than polish. So get them done for your big day!

Used: Sea Siren Leucosia (white) and Deep Blue Sea (blue), Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat.

There were a couple more interesting wedding beauty lessons learned on my wedding day. I’ll share some of those in our next “Makeup Monday” post.

Now, you turn guys. Spill, if you’ve married, how did you go with your wedding nails?

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  • Simple yet so classy and pretty!

  • I can’t wait to read more about your wedding, you must have looked stunning and edgy! Those nails look fabulous, and oh what a mini-disaster breaking and ruining the original designs the night before. Oopps… but this design is gorgeous, so clearly this is what you were meant to wear on the day :)

  • I love these! They’re a really great mix of classic and edgy!!!

  • Kelsie

    Gorgeous nails regardless if they were your “safety-net” nails… good idea to recommend gel nails though, I’m nowhere near getting married yet but I think when the time comes I’ll have to go with the safe route and as much as I don’t like gel nails they may just be the safest. Looking forward to your other posts about the wedding! :)

  • Rebecca

    Congratulations Maria! I can’t wait to see your outfit. I went super traditional french for my wedding day. I’m a total nail art freak now, but I still think I would do the same again. Maybe with some silver jewels or glitter added though ;)

  • Beautiful & so dying to see some more pics next week x

  • Lovely manicure!! And it suits tge shape of your nails perfectly!!

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