HUGE NEWS!!! The Third SoNailicious Nail Art Product Is Launching Soon… and You Can WIN It Now!

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Exciting times, nail art warriors! I’m thrilled to announce that the third SoNailicious product… is launching in 10 days time! We already have The Little Book of Nail Art, SoNailicious Stickers and even a nail polish collection. Now it’s time for something new and a new chapter for our community.

I’ve been working on this project for the last 2 years, so this upcoming launch is a huge thing for me. All this time I’ve been road testing and improving every aspect of this new product, thinking of ways to make it even better, more durable and easier to use. So now it’s here, it’s ready and I can tell you – it’s perfect and is the best in it’s league.

This new product will help you with your freehand nail art. If you are struggling with straight lines, tiny floral patterns or Aztec patterns, after November the 15th you’ll be able to slay it like a pro!

To to celebrate this exciting news with you, I’m giving away the entire range…

But wait, what is it?

Well, you have to guess to win it!

I’ve already given you plenty of hints above but here’s another one – I’ve been using this product or it’s prototypes to create every nail design featured on SoNailicious.com for the last 1,5 years.

To enter simply comment on this post with your guess on what is the third SoNailicious product will be and why you’d like to win it.

If you guess it right, you can WIN the ENTIRE range!


  • Must be SoNailicious subscriber. If you have not yet, subscribe to our newsletter here.
  • Comment with your guess: only one try/comment per person
  • 1 winner selected at random
  • Winner announced with the launch – on 15 November 2017 (in the launch post and here)
  • This giveaway is open worldwide & ends at 8pm (Sydney time) on 14th November 2017.

Good luck!!!

– Maria, xx

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  • Linda Fussell

    Nail art stickers

  • stencils

  • Yuliya Gavrilova

    Nail Brushes!

  • Gladys M

    Nail stickers :)

  • Dora Chodkiewicz

    Nail art brushes

  • Tushna D

    Nail art stencil

  • frisch lackiert

    Is it a kind of liquid latex? Or your own Nailpolish remover?! Too hard to guess ;-) Thank you for your inspirations – they´re always great <3 Steffi

  • Tetiana James

    detailed nail art brushes!!! i hope it is as ive been struggling to find good thin nail art brushes that would do perfect straight lines and tiny patterns :)

  • Louise Morris

    I think it’s nail stencils/vinyls. I would love to win them because I would love to be able to emulate some of your designs.

  • viviana

    ¡Congrats¡ Maria, I tend to believe in nail art brushes. ?

  • Emma Giles

    Is it nail stencils.

  • Hanna Svenningsson

    My guess is that it’s nail art brushes! Why I’d like to win? Because every nail art warrior needs good tools, and if you’ve used them for the past 1,5 years I trust that they are amazing! <3

  • Sherri Felix

    My guess is that they are nail art brushes. And I’d still need a ruler to draw a straight line!

  • Janet Seniw

    It has to be top of the line nail art brushes. Like all your products, these will also be made to perfection. I dont own any brushes, so heres my chance to win the very best!

  • I think It should be some nail art brushes.

  • Linda Fussell

    Nail art stamps or brushes. I have a bit of a love affair with nail enamel, I love all the designs that can be created. Practice makes perfect. ?

  • Alice So Nail

    Bonjour de la France !!!
    Tout d’abord bravo pour ta nouvelle création ! J’ai hate de découvrir ce que c’est ! Moi je pense que ce sont des pochoirs ! !
    A bientôt !

  • mimiesna .

    I think the new product will be a set of nail vinyls. Your products are amazing and I would like try them. Thank you for this giveaway. And congrats !!!!

  • elkhornchris

    my guess is vinyl nail stencils. Hope I’m right.

  • Jule Hamilton

    I really hope that you are introducing some fine brushes to the market – my most recent Sally Hanson polish purchase, the bristles of the brush came out in sections apart and stringy, I could not get a stroke in! Let alone get the brush back into the bottle neatly. My biggest nail fail to date! Wish I had some brushes to create more detailed and on point looks :)

  • Since you gave clue freehand. I am guessing amazing brushes for nailart. Since I am a freehand nailartist so if this is your fourth product I will be thrilled to win it. And last but not the least congratulations! ! Keep growing and stay blessed

  • Deb Tonna

    Must be nail stencils/stamps. I’m hopeless with nail art, but with this set, if as promised, I will definitely have nails done by a “pro!” So excited for this new range. Just can wish for this. x

  • Tammy Cunningham Moody

    My guess is amazing nail art brushes. But I wish there was a spirograph-type thing that you could put your finger in and draw perfect nail art! Blessings!

  • Danielle Kadish

    Is it nail art brushes?! :):) I hope soooo

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