Top Coat

how to avoid top coat shrinking

You’ve just finished another nail art project, the last layer of top coat has just been applied and you’re sitting back proudly admiring your impeccable work. And then it happens…. “OH NOOOO!!!!” it shrinks! You can literally see your top coat shrinking and lifting the sides of your manicure completely ruining your hard work. Fear READ MORE

dance legend flossy 153 review swatches

Dance Legend Flossy Top Coat 153 was the first ever Dance Legend polish I bought. Now that I’ve finally had a chance to wear it properly it’s hard to believe it took me so long! It’s delicate combination of opaque glitters – blue, pink and white makes it really a unique and multitasking topper. Perfect READ MORE

The most remarkable product from the 2013 OPI Mariah Carey collection is the 18k white gold & silver top coat, OPI Mariah Carey Pure. It’s the sister of the ground braking OPI The Man With The Golden Gun gold leaf top coat launched in 2012. It’s essentially a luxurious clear top coat with gold flakes READ MORE

top coat

Whenever I ask a professional manicurist about their best tip, they invariably suggest using a good top coat. It is essential to any manicure, yet a lot of people simply skip this step. Even myself, and I can tell you now there is a big difference between life after top coat and life before top READ MORE

best top coats

After a lot of interest and heated discussion around our first “5 Best Top Coats” article, we went on a quest to find other top coats that deserve your attention. As experience shows, a top coat determines whether your manicure will have a long lasting, smooth and professional finish or look bubbly, or even worst READ MORE