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In so many ways 2013 was a very busy year. For instance, to compile the 5 Best Top Coats, 5 Best Cuticle Creams and our other product lists we had to test drive hundreds of products. Some were great, some were ok and others so effective they've become our personal favorites. So here they are READ MORE

Hope you had a piece of cake for our Birthday yesterday! Today, thanks to Sally Hansen Australia, we're offering you a fantastic opportunity to win one of the two fantastic nail care packs. It's no a secret that we're big fans of Sally Hansen products ourselves. So it's doubly exciting to be giving away some READ MORE

In 1978 Jeff Pink, the founder of ORLY invented and patented the Original French Manicure. For a long time this look was one of the most advanced things you could do for your nails. The arrival of new colours on the market in the last decade and the recent nail art trend have changed perception READ MORE

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The Fuzzy Nail Art Guide is here! As you know, we’ve been experimenting with Fuzzy coats lately. As a result, we've put together The SoNailicious Fuzzy Nail Art Guide. It features nail art tutorials for all nail designs from the 5 Ways to Wear Fuzzy Coats challenge. The featured designs can also be re-purposed for READ MORE

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Our Fuzzy Nail Art Guide e-book will be launched this Wednesday (tomorrow)! So today, we thought we'd showcase one of the bonus designs in the book. We've called it Neon Light. And, as with all nail the designs featured in the 5 Ways to Wear Fuzzy Coats challenge, there's a step-by-step tutorial with detailed instructions in the guide. Mmhmmm READ MORE

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Yay! We did it! As you know last week we ran a mini nail art challenge 5 Ways to Wear Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coats on SoNailicious and it has now been successfully completed! During the last week we've been experimenting a lot. As a result we created 5 unique manicures that demonstrate new, creative ways READ MORE

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The second Fuzzy nail art idea is for a statement nail. It is the easiest and at the same time the most overlooked way to utilise Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coats. Look 2. All you need is... A Fuzzy Coat! Yes, it can be worn alone. The density of the 'fuzz' allows full coverage with 3 READ MORE