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10 Best Nail Strengtheners

How do you make weak nails grow, and brittle nails stop flaking and breaking? The answer is… nail strengtheners, of course! Apart from the obvious, they can also work as a good base coat and make your nails look a lot smoother, polish dry faster and your manicure last longer. Personally, I’m addicted to Orly READ MORE

After years of using every kind of nail polish under the sun I have found one thing to be true, if you don’t use a good topcoat you’re wasting your time. A good topcoat will add a professional finish to your manicure and make it last longer. If those 2 reasons aren’t enough, check out READ MORE

sally hansen cuticle rehab review 1

It might just be a nail polish nerd thing, but dry cuticles make me feel uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable.  I get more compliments on my nails than on my eyes… or anything else for that matter. To avoid dry cuticles, I moisturize them religiously. But even if you have all the best cuticle oils and creams at home, carrying a bottle READ MORE

best nail care products 2013

In so many ways 2013 was a very busy year. For instance, to compile the 5 Best Top Coats, 5 Best Cuticle Creams and our other product lists we had to test drive hundreds of products. Some were great, some were ok and others so effective they’ve become our personal favorites. So here they are READ MORE

Hope you had a piece of cake for our Birthday yesterday! Today, thanks to Sally Hansen Australia, we’re offering you a fantastic opportunity to win one of the two fantastic nail care packs. It’s no a secret that we’re big fans of Sally Hansen products ourselves. So it’s doubly exciting to be giving away some READ MORE