black and nude nails

Nude nails are the favorite look at almost any fashion week. From New York to Sydney, shows are dominated by nude nails in all possible shades and finishes – from milky pearlescent nude to matte tan nude. This phenomena has nothing to do with manicurists, in fact, they’d be happy to go wild for the READ MORE

reverse glitter gradient nails

Right now we’re staying in the capital of The United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. It’s a region of contrasts, astonishing opulence combined with orthodox modesty and colossal architectural creations erupting from the vast empty desert. A place where you can buy almost anything you can imagine but you can never see the stars during the READ MORE

christian dior resort 2014 nails

Fashion provides some of the best nail art inspiration. Especially in this era of excess with an abundance of prints, embellishments and colour. We’ve always been a big fans of Christian Dior, so when a photo report of the new Christian Dior Resort 2014 landed on our table, we couldn’t help but to create a READ MORE

stairway to heaven, striping tape nails

These Stairway to Heaven nails were inspired by the recent Australian Fashion Week. The combination of blue and nude was one of the most popular shades at the event. As for the pattern, we wanted to try something new and came up with this geometric design that somehow resembles stairs. Soft colours and an understated READ MORE

valentines day nails, neon nails copy

DAY 8 – Valentine’s day nails Neon Love With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I couldn’t resist creating some more Valentine’s Day nails! You may remember my first Valentine’s Day nails, Tainted Love. Well, this time it’s all about Neon Love! For this manicure I chose one of my favorite colour combinations, light beige and neon READ MORE