black lips trend, black nails trend

Black is back and it's hotter than ever. You can wear it on your lips, nails or both. I've been a fan of black lips ever since I started wearing makeup. I even recall using black pencil to get the black lip look that matched my black nails when I was in high school and READ MORE

bright red lipstick

Are you a fan of red lipstick? Then you totally should add Givenchy Le Rouge 305 Rouge Egerie to your must-have list. This bright red lipstick is pure perfection. Take it from a self-confessed red lipstick enthusiast (plenty of evidence on CrashingRed). Yes, it comes at a price, but this lipstick is worth every cent! First of READ MORE

Blue nails

Blue is most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness and confidence. Did you know that the search for the perfect synthetic blue colour lasted almost 300 years? Before that, it was exclusively produced from grinding minerals like lapis lazuli and azurite. So there were no blue nails in Ancient Egypt. There most certainly are blue nails now! And READ MORE

red lips red nails

From models to bloggers, everyone falls for red. No wonder, when worn well it highlights your best features whether it's red lips or nails. With an eye-liner, it's a no-brainer evening look and paired with messy hair, it's a street style photographers' favourite. If you think red is not for you, you just haven't found READ MORE