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10 best pink nail designs

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so here's some fresh nailspiration for all you romantic nail art warriors! Here's 1o fabulous pink nail designs that are not your typical Valentine's Day nails. They're trendy, fresh and most of them are very easy. Oh, and in terms of our challenge - yes, they certainly qualify READ MORE


Are you getting ready for the party season? I certainly am! I've already been planning outfits and compiling a list of sales-not-to-miss. With all the festivities about to begin, you may be wondering what the best colour combo is for party nails. Black & gold, of course! It's classic, chic and matches almost any outfit. Plus, you READ MORE

best leopard nail designs

Love it or hate it, leopard print is one of the most popular prints in the nail art world. It suits any nail shape and look equally stunning on shorties or long stilettos. Secondly, leopard nail designs can be worn at any time of the year, just pick colours to suit the season. Finally, there READ MORE

chameleon nail polish nail designs

Chameleon nail polish, also known as duochrome and multichrome, is trending this year. While main-stream brands (except for Revlon's Chroma Chameleon) are holding back on releasing chameleon collections, Russian professional polish brand, Dance Legend is having great fun launching one fantastic range after another. They now even adding holographic particles to the classic chameleon formula READ MORE

best nail designs, sonailicious nails

Today's post is a compilation of our as yet, unseen,  experimental nail designs. We thought it's finally time for them to shine! Meet and great... The Best 7 Unseen SoNailicious Nail Designs: 1. Two Toned Half Moon Nails: This nail design looks impressive but is very easy to re-create. You can get the two-toned nails READ MORE

fashion nail designs

With the Sydney Fashion Week (or MBFWA as it's officially called) in town next week, let's have a quick talk about what's in it for us nail art enthusiasts. First of all, fashion weeks are typically where quite a few new nail care products, polish colours and even ranges are revealed. So it's great to READ MORE

10 best spring nail designs

Oh spring, the awakening of nature, birds singing... ok, technically it's autumn in Australia but the bright sun and hot air makes me want to paint my nails in the happy colours of spring rather than Autumn's moody hues. It might change in a couple of months, but at the moment I'm all about floral READ MORE