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  Making mistakes is an essential part of learning and perfecting your skills. In nail art, where there is no set rules or handbook, you learn by trying new things and figuring out what works. With that in mind, today I'm sharing 8 mistakes I used to make. Read on so you don't have to READ MORE

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You spoke, we listened! We're bringing back the Nail File series featuring leading nail artists from around the globe. So many of you asked for the return of the Nail File series and I've already lined up some exciting interviews for the coming weeks. What better way to re-start the series than with Anja Sterk of @Lieve91. Anja READ MORE

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So, you have a great nail art idea in your head and then you're trying to bring it to life and... it's a failure. I know the feeling. I've done that too. SO. MANY. TIMES. Until I've discovered a few simple principles that now allow me to execute almost any nail design flawlessly. Today I'm READ MORE

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It’s Happening!

As you might have noticed, in addition to running SoNailicious, I've been working on two big projects this year. They were scheduled to launch in October, but life dealt me an unexpected wild card. This is what happened, for those who don't know. After a lot of thinking about how to deal with this new situation I saw READ MORE

Anastasia Solomatina, Let's Nail Moscow

As I'm rushing through the centre of Moscow to meet Anastasia, the genius behind the Let's Nail Moscow nail art studio, I don't know what to expect. I finally find her studio, open the door I enter another world. A quirky world with splashes of colour where your nail fantasy can become reality and Anastasia's READ MORE

Nail art has a unifying power that transcends boarders and cultures. Today I'm honoured to present our interview with one of the top nail artists from the Middle East - Danah Alfares. In 2012 Danah started posting photos of her nail art on Instagram and quickly gained a significant following. Now, she's a freelance nail READ MORE

Mia Rubie Superflynails owner of Sparkle San Francisco nail salon

If you see a stunning mix of bright colors, intricate patterns and 3D embellishments you're probably looking at a Mia Rubie nail design. Somehow she makes this crazy mix of prints and colours work. For most of us, attempting this mix of styles would look like a crash in a nail art shop but she pulls off READ MORE