Instagram Tips

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Our Instagram series is back by popular demand! This time I'm covering some of the most common mistakes made when promoting your Instagram account. Just as importantly, I also provide tips on how to rectify them. So let's get started! Here's the 6 most common Instagram promotion mistakes I noticed: 1. Missing out on the READ MORE

instagram style how to improve it

Yes, there is such thing as Instagram style and it's the foundation of your Instagram success. It determines whether you'll be featured and gain more Instagram followers or sit on the sidelines while others become what you always wanted to be. We all have a set of unique talents and are capable of many things READ MORE


You already know it if you're nailing Instagram. You've got a steady upward stream of new followers, hundreds of comments and countless features all around Insta-universe. But even if you have millions of Instagram followers, there is still always a room for improvement. With all the new updates, features and apps, there are always a READ MORE

Instagram hashtags

Let's talk about Instagram hashtags... "Oh, what? Hashtags?!" I know, I know that may not sound very exciting. But truth to be told, hashtags on Instagram are everything! You can get more likes, more followers or even get featured, but that will only happen only if you use hashtags correctly. I spoke previously in this Instagram tips READ MORE

how to take great Instagram photos

How do you take your Instagram photos? - one of the most frequently asked questions I get on my Insta and it's a very important one! After running a series of Social Media For Business seminars in Australia* and reviewing hundreds of Instagram accounts, I came to the conclusion that there are two main components that READ MORE