chanel troublante review swatches

The limited edition Chanel Troublante Le Vernis is one of three colours from the Rouge Allure Winter 2015 Collection. I missed out when it was first released in Australia, so imagine how happy I was to spot it at DJ's Chanel beauty counter when doing my post-Christmas shopping. Even though it's summer in Australia, I treated READ MORE

chanel rose fusion review swatches

After a busy couple of weeks, I'm back on track with the 2015 Holiday Collection reviews. Today I'd like to introduce you to the stunning Chanel Rose Fusion from the Chanel Vamp Attitude Holiday 2015 collection. It's one of two limited edition nail colours Chanel is offering this season. The second is the classic black red READ MORE

NIYO & CO cool laque 29 positano italian polish

Ciao from the sunny Almafi Coast bellas! We're in Italy and as you would expect, the world's capital of fashion (and shopping!) has a lot to offer. There's an abundance of inspiration, cultural icons and a great variety of new beauty brands with hundreds of new polish colours. Of course, the food here is also on a whole other READ MORE

Chanel Sweet star nail polish review swatches

Usually buying nail polish is easy, I see it, I think about it for a while and after some consideration, I might buy it. But when it comes to limited edition or one-night only releases, there's no time to hesitate. Arrived late? No polish left for you! Of course, you can try to track down that coveted READ MORE

MAC submerged review and swatches

MAC Submerged, you broke my heart! After writing the recent 'Object of Desire: MAC limited edition polishes' article, it was obligatory to get some for myself. I was lucky to find the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection (it's sold out everywhere even online!) in a remote shopping center and grabbed the prettiest one - MAC Submerged, the READ MORE