Cuticle Care

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Our Essential Cuticle Care Guide would be incomplete without this post about the cuticle itself. What is cuticle? While the answer seems to be so simple, many of us call a cuticle what is in fact the Eponychium! And that's where all the problems start. Because if we don't know what and where it is READ MORE

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The Essential Cuticle Care Guide is bringing its sexy back today and we're looking at the best cuticle creams around. We all know how important is to care for cuticles and thus, we only want the best and most effective products for them. We've tested a great variety of brands to come up with the READ MORE

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The next step in our Essential Cuticle Care Guide series brings us to the best cuticle care products - more precisely, oils! A great cuticle oil nourishes your cuticles and stimulates healthy nail growth. Some oils can transform dry cuticles surprisingly quickly. However, for the best long term results, we recommended that you use cuticle READ MORE

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Now that we know why it is so important to take care of cuticles properly, here's some fundamentals of cuticle care. Following the below steps will ensure your cuticles will be soft and healthy and as result, your nails will grow strong and evenly. Note, looking after cuticles is easy and it does not require READ MORE

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As you may know, Thursdays on SoNailicious are dedicated to nail care. Today's article started as a 5 top tips for dry cuticle care but has grown into a full-on cuticle care guide. Why? Firstly, because these little things are the foundation of our nail worlds (see the 3 reasons below?). Secondly, because during our research READ MORE

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The Body Shop Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil is one of my favorite nail care products. You may have already seen me posting photos of it all over Instagram. Nice looking moisturised cuticles are essential part of any manicure so before we move onto our nail art challenge, I thought I'd introduce this cuticle oil READ MORE

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A good old friend that you can rely on in terms of your cuticles and nails - Manicare Cuticle Oil was the first nail care product I bought upon my arrival in Australia 6 years ago and since then, it's my go-to product when those cuticles get dry. Claim: Organic formula enriched with apricot kernel oil, coconut READ MORE