blue french manicure

If you had the entire OPI Venice collection in front of you, could you resist trying it? Me either, all my plans went out of the window and my imagination filled with nail designs as soon as I saw it. This Nude and Blue French manicure influenced by Italian architecture came to mind immediately.  I had READ MORE

Our introduction to Italian polishes is almost over. Last but not least we have Pupa. My memories of Pupa go back to when I was a teenager in Russia in the mid-90s. Pupa was one of those super cool luxury brands that you'd imagine buying for a special occasion. Back then, Russia was heading for an economic READ MORE

Kiko cosmetics nail polish review

The SoNailicious Italian polish Odyssey would be incomplete without showing you the most popular Italian brand, Kiko Cosmetics! First, a bit of history. Founded in Milan 1997, this beauty brand offers an extraordinarily wide range of affordable products. For instance, Kiko's main nail polish range includes well over 200 colours plus there's seasonal, niche collections and limited edition READ MORE

NIYO & CO cool laque 29 positano italian polish

Ciao from the sunny Almafi Coast bellas! We're in Italy and as you would expect, the world's capital of fashion (and shopping!) has a lot to offer. There's an abundance of inspiration, cultural icons and a great variety of new beauty brands with hundreds of new polish colours. Of course, the food here is also on a whole other READ MORE

Dance legend steel 865 tanto review swatches 100

When in Russia, buy Dance Legend! My own rule since discovering this fantastic Russian brand 2 years ago. They are the pioneers when it comes to inventing new colours, textures and effects. So watching all the new collections launch in Moscow from far away Sydney and being unable to get any was not particularly enjoyable. I even READ MORE