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black and white nails, marble nails

Do you like nail art experiments? What better way to further your nail art skills and invent new techniques and designs. Case in point, these black and white nails came to life by accident as a result of a nail art experiment. I was getting ready for the upcoming nail art masterclasses (on this weekend!) READ MORE

French nails, black and white nails

If you like minimalist manicures that make a statement, these Monochrome French nails are pour vous! I originally planned to wear this manicure on the second day of MBFWA 2016, it would perfectly matched my black and white Chanel-esque outfit. But fashion week being the crazy whirlwind that it is, time was against me. Instead READ MORE

negative space nails, negative space nail art tutorial

If you're a big fan of Negative Space nails, like I am, you will thoroughly enjoy our new nail art tutorial! This black and white Negative Space nail art is fresh, ultra modern and incorporates the elegance of black and white with the edginess of negative space. A great bonus, it’s suitable for any nail READ MORE

graphic black and white nail art

If you like edgy, minimalist nail designs you're going to love this new graphic Black and White nail design tutorial. It's relatively easy to do but you'll need a good striping nail art brush and some nail art skills. My tip would be - don't rush! Take your time to perfect the black outlines and READ MORE

black and white nail art tutorial 1

If you're looking for a high impact manicure idea, you'll enjoy this Graphic Black and White nail art. A great bonus, it's super easy to do. Plus, I'm sure you already have black, white and silver (or holo) polishes in your collection. So literally, a no-effort nail art. You'd need though nail stencils! I used READ MORE

Valentino nails

Without a doubt, fashion provides some of the best nail art inspiration! When I saw the new Valentino Haute Couture collection, I couldn't help creating a Valentino inspired manicure. The collection itself was inspired by Pre-Raphaelite paintings. So it's somehow symbolic that the 19 century painting inspired fashion designers who in turn inspired us to paint nail art READ MORE

black and white negative space nails

Negative space manicures aren't new to nail art enthusiasts but it seems like they've finally made their big entrance into the fashion world. At the recent New York Fashion Week approximately 1/3 of all the nail designs were negative space nails. The 2 other main looks were gradients and various types of French manicure. That READ MORE