What’s Your Favourite Source of Nail Art Inspiration?

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best sources of nail art inspiration

Sunday talk sessions are back! So let’s talk about inspiration…

My two favourite sources of nail art inspiration are fashion and nature (have a look at this nail-spiration Pin-board). Fashion is easier because as I mentioned in this post, it’s all already there for you. Prints, colours, patterns… just get the matching polishes and with a bit of skill you’ll create a unique nail design without any creative torture. Miss Ladyfinger even did a whole blog about translating fashion to nails. It’s a bit more complicated with Nature as a source of nail inspiration. It’s not every day you’re exposed to thrilling sunsets or exotic flowers that make you want to pick up some brushes and paint. But every now and then, if I see something I take a photo and later it may make it onto my nails.

What about you guys? What’s your favourite source of nail art inspiration?

– Maria, xx


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  • Natali

    Pinterest and other nail bloggers!

  • Hi Maria, what I’d love to find out is what process you follow when you come up with your designs. E.g. do you draw the designs on a piece of paper first then replicate the look on your nails or do you just go straight to your nails and design right there on the nails? NOT that I’ll be able to do anything that you do of course, but just curious :)

    • Hi Lilit, what a great question! Well, it depends. Often I have a very clear idea about what I’m going to do. So I just do it. For instance, if I see sunset and all colours are there, I just replicate it on nails, ie. gradient look. Or, if I see some print and it feels like it could be a great nail art, I just quickly do it, ie. Marc Jacobs Daisy packaging pictured above – it took me 15 minutes to do the MJ nails. Sometimes I just start playing with polishes and it becomes a nice look, like the ‘cuticle nail art’ I did recently. I rarely draw on paper and then on nails. Only if nothing comes to mind and I have polishes in front of me that I need to use. Then I start doodling on paper, mixing colours and trying a few different things to see what will work best. But it’s very rare. More often I see something first, then I get inspired and want to make nails out of it. But the stragest thing is that the more you do it, the more you want to do it! And you end up seeing ‘nail art’ everywhere! Literally! Even in my dreams! :) xx

  • Hi Maria !!
    Quick question please .. What kind of nail art pen do you recommend for a starter?? I have no talent interns of drawing , so I am wondering what is the best starters kit for me .. Nail art tools, dotting pens ..? Thanks much !

    • Hello lovely, it maybe easier to start with simple dotticures (use dotting tool or tooth pick), gradients (use sponge) and striping tape nail art (use sticky tape to begin with). I go in great detail describing each of these techniques in the book: http://sonailicious.com/30-easy-nail-art-designs-nail-tutorials/ – all looks were created without any special equipment.

      So, if drawing isn’t your strength, don’t worry about nail art pen or brush, you still can create beautiful designs just by combining the 3 above mentioned techniques. Again, the book shows how to do nice manicures at home without any pro skills. Also, I think in 2 weeks there will be a post featuring nail art ideas for beginners – beautiful looks, easy to achieve. So stay tuned! xx

  • My inspiration is nature! Especially when I travel. There was a lot of posts in my blog from my trip to the Philippines. And now I have idea make more posts inspired by Latvian nature. It is my challenge for summer. :)

  • While I lack the skill to re-create them on nails yet, I really like zentangles. They are like repetitive, structured patterns that I think would look awesome on nails!

  • My favourite sources of nailspiration are nature, art, fashion and interiors!
    I used to just try and freestyle but lately I’ve gotten into the habit of doodling my designs first – makes it much quicker and easier when it comes to painting them :-)


  • My major inspiration comes from my dresses and others dresses too. I notice wat others are wearing on my way home frpm work when I have nothing else to do. I observe and try to take a snapshot in my mind. Pintrest is also a great source.

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