SoNailicious Giveaway – 2 makeup and nail polish packs

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makeup and nail polish giveawayAs a token of our appreciation for your continuous support, we’ll be running a giveaway every month for SoNailicious readers. There will be a variety of different prizes so stay tuned, there is bound to be something you like!

Today we’re giving away these 2 beauty packs, each valued over $100. Each pack includes similar products, they some of our favorites, that we hope you’ll enjoy too. The difference is that one – for fair skin (1) and another – for more tanned skin (2).

Sounds exciting? Scroll down to find out how to enter – it’s EASY!

Pack 1 – fair skin, includes:

makeup and nail polish giveaway 11. Glam Nail Wraps – blue, 2. Glam nail art pen 3 in 1 – coral, 3. Glam False Lashes – Twiggy, 4. Australia Mega Lash mascara – black, 5. BYS 3D glitter set in silver, 6. Maybelline polish – 200 Pink Shock, 7. BYS diamond glitter – N344 Opal, 8. Manicare Cuticle Oil Therapy (amazing product review here), 9. L’Oreal Caresse Lip colour – 400 Eve, 10. L’Oreal Nude BB powder 5 in 1 – Light Skin

Pack 2 – medium skin, includes:

makeup and nail polish giveaway 21. Glam Nail Wraps – coral and pastel pink. 2. Glam nail art pen 3 in 1 – orange. 3. Glam False Lashes – Jessica (best in beauty winner). 4. Australia VoluptuLash mascara, black. 5. BYS caviar set – black. 6. Maybelline polish – 360 Sapphire Siren. 7. BYS diamond glitter – N406 Keys to Bentley. 8. Manicare Nail Defence – Ultra Hardening Treatment. 9. L’Oreal Caresse Lip colour – 102 Bomy. 10. L’Oreal Nude BB powder 5 in 1 – Medium Skin.

Sounds good? Well, one of these packs can become yours – enter now!

How to enter:

1. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to subscribe to SoNailicious Weekly Newsletter (below).*

2. Comment on this post letting us know which pack you’d prefer to win and why.*

Extra Points:

1. Share the first image on your Facebook wall by clicking the ‘Share’ button below the image or on your Instagram. Tag us in, so we can see you did – our Facebook page SoNailicious or instagram – @So_Nailicious #sonailicious.

The giveaway closes at midnight, Sunday 26 May 2013. The winner will be announced here (in this post) on Monday, 27 May 2013 and also contacted via email (from our subscribers list as at 27/05/2013).

Good luck!

Maria xx

UPDATE 27 May 2013: Giveaway is now CLOSED.

Giveaway winners:

Prize pack #1 – goes to Squeaky

Prize pack #2 – goes to Nikki How

The winners were informed and the prizes were posted to them.

Terms & Conditions 1. ‘sonailicious.com Giveaway: 2 makeup and nail polish packs’ – open internationally. 2. To enter in this competition you must: a) be subscriber or subscribe to SoNailicious newsletter b)comment on on this post letting us know about your entry and preferred prize. *These are obligatory entries. 3. Extra Entry: share this image on Facebook or Instagram and tag SoNailicious in – our Facbook page is here and our instagram is @So_Nailicious #sonailicious. 5. Winners will be chosen on the above criteria and will be identified based on the most interesting comment. There will only be 2 winners. 5. One person can only enter once but can accumulate double points by sharing the first image. 6. Winners will be contacted via this post and email. 7. Prize pack valued – each RRP at AUS $100. 8. If the prize is not claimed by the winner within 48 hours, we will choose another winner. 9. Prizes will be posted to winner on 29 May 2013.


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  • Entered and posted to instagram! Thanks for having this!

    • Love to win the fair cuz im fair :D

  • I would absolutely love to win Pack 1 (for fair skin). I am extremely fair-skinned with red undertones, so it can be hard to find colors that suit my skin tone. But all of the pinks and blues here would go great with my skin tone! I haven’t even heard of some of the products here and I absolutely love trying out new beauty products- I’m especially interested in that gorgeous BYS Glitter Dust!

  • I aboslutely love your IG page, and now that I found your website, I love this page too, the nail are that is shared on your IG feed inspires many nail art designs that I have done and that I would like to try. I really hope to win these awesome products from you, it would be a great addition to my collection and it would be so awesome!!!

  • I’m really excited about this giveaway. I just subscribed to SoNailicious Weekly Newsletter. I follow you on Instagram but look forward to your newsletter. I would love to win pack #1. I’m eager to try all of the great products, including the L’Oreal Nude BB powder (light skin). Thanks again for this great opportunity!

  • Cinthia N

    I would love to win the Medium prize! ????

  • Jess


    • Monica

      I would love to win pack 2 because I have medium shade skin and I can’t afford to buy nice makeup and nail polish dot his would make me very happy. Also I think your Instagram page is awesome! I’ve tried many of the designs you’ve featured and I get so many compliments(: even if you don’t choose me to win, I just wanted to let you know that that’s what I thought (: thank you so much~

  • terra

    So cool! ?

  • Karina

    I would like to win the package no 1 for light skin because everything on that package suit my skin tone very well. I always always love summery colors and a bit glam colors so of course that prize wins my heart!!

  • Saja jaber

    Wow that really cool stuff. That’s nice of u. I really I hop I win :) I really want the fair skin. Why ??cuz the nails polish are really and I love nails art so much. And the make up are really good too. That’s all thank u so much.

  • Cassie

    I would love to pick the first prize I have fair skin and I love all of the other products and colors!!! Thank you!!!

  • Carolin BOiBO

    As a mother to a 5-year old and a 5-months old I don+t have much glamour in my life but with pack nr 2 my life could be a little bit more glamourous with caviar nails, long lashes, and the other things in pack….

  • Alessandra

    Thank you for this giveaway, if i was to win i’d like the set for medium skin; i would like to try the BB cream and i am hoping this is the right tone for me

  • Awesome, I’d love to enter :)
    I prefer pack 1, I could use some cuticle therapy, and I’m digging the colours!

  • Pia

    I’d like the fair Skin one!

  • April

    Hey, thanks for this!
    I’d love to win either of the prizes, but prize 1 would be better suited to me, as I have the fairest skin on earth (I’m ginger, it’s hard to find anything matching my skin AND my hair). My hands are also in extreme need of cuticle care ;)

  • I would love to win first pack as I’m fair n it would suit me well :)

  • Cindy

    The fair kit for sure, I’m positively pasty!

  • Abigail

    I would prefer the fairpack because i think cuticle therapy’s something i would need. i love your nails and im in need of some of healing!

  • Karen L

    Pack one! Because i am the palest of pale and don’t know what suits me. lol. :)

  • Lea

    I’d like the fair pack because I really want to try that BB powder! :)

  • ervina

    entered! So excited with this giveaway, it’s really cool. Hope i can get it..

  • Jen

    Entered and will tag on Instagram momentarily!! The Fair package is the one for me. ;) Love your blog and thanks so much for the amazing contest opportunity!!

  • Judy

    Light…super excited!

  • Msko

    I am from Venezuela, we don’t have lots of opportunities to find those products here. I am really excited, I would like to win the fair skin pack. I am a nail art lover and I hope to win this contest, I can’t wait <3

  • Kathy S

    Pack 1

  • Julie

    Thank you for having this great giveaway! I would love to win the Medium package because I have med/beige complextion.

  • Jen

    LOVE the medium skin set- can’t wait to try the black caviar either way!

  • I’d love the medium package. I love trying out new products, and most of the ones in your package I haven’t tried before! I’m definitely going to check out some of those!

  • Andrea

    first of all, thank you for having this giveaway! the 2 packs looks awesome! but if i had to pick one, i would love the first one. It has great products! most of them new ones for me, specially the Caviar for Nails, i haven´t tried that because it´s really hard to find that in my country, or maybe they don´t sell that here. But
    i´ve seen lots of nail designs with that and i´m very curious. Also the nail hardener, cause my nails are too weak and they broke like every second. it pisses me off sometimes. And finally the rest of the products, like The l´oreal lip colour and the powder would look really good on me. Im brunette, so i think those colors can match with my skin tone.

  • Irina G.

    Great giveaway, thanks!
    Subscribed to SoNailicious Weekly Newsletter
    Email: marfusha1976@gmail.com
    I would like Pack 2 because everything on that package suit my skin tone.
    Shared on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=657536970930198&set=a.104161189601115.12952.100000217028439&type=1

  • meowrina

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to try the pack for fair skin, because… well, because I do have quite fair skin :)

  • Calie

    Fair skin! I’ve never tried any of these products before!

  • Victoria

    Would like pack #1 as I love silver glitter and the nail sticklers look very interesting.

  • Amelia

    I have entered and would like to win package 1 for fair skin! To answer why I would like to win.. well, I have always had a great interest in all things to do with nails, makeup and beauty- though I am not pursuing a career in any of those things. I find that taking the time to put on nice makeup, (often) staying up late watching series of youtube beauty tutorials, and surfing various blogs for reviews on the latest products, is like an escape. Being a university student can be stressful, and even on the most difficult days if I can squeeze in enough time to paint my nails-or attempt some new nail art technique I saw on Instagram- I can forget some of my worries for the time being, and simply appreciate the giddy feeling you get when you try out a new awesome nail polish colour, or test out a different hairstyle from Pinterest (regardless of actually succeeding). I may not be the best nail artist (not even CLOSE) but I still always find it fun to paint my nails and attempt different techniques, and always love getting new makeup to spend hours trying out different combinations, even on a night-in. I have received comments before that people think its so trivial and superficial to spend such time on things like nails or makeup or hair- but I completely disagree. I find that taking the time to do my nails, my makeup or my hair always allows me to start the day right -the week right even- and feel better about myself which ultimately helps me take on everything else going on in life. Having very fair skin and dark brown hair has been somewhat of a rollercoaster through my life; from not caring when I was younger, to everyone in highschool acting like it was absolutely ridiculous to not be tan (or getting a tan), to not caring, to really just accepting and appreciating the way I look and ultimately the way everyone looks. I definitely will agree that it is still not the easiest task to find colours of makeup or nail polish or even clothes that will actually work with my fair complexion, along with very dark hair and eyes. Winning these products would really be awesome, I don’t think I have ever won any sort of contest… ever, and having some new nail products and makeup to test out will let me enjoy some more of the simpler things in life amidst the stresses of school and work. Thanks :) xo

  • Erica

    Entered and would love the Fair Pack as I’m a mummy to 5 kiddies and don’t get much chance to buy goodies for myself

  • Paris

    The fair skin pack! It’s filled with all my favourite colours and products plus a few new ones to experiment with!

  • Christie

    yay awesome prize pack!

    • Christie

      i have light skin :(! forgot to post that haha

  • Cassy

    I would love to win the pack for fair skin, all the items look amazing and I really want to try out the BB powder because I’ve never seen that before!

  • Anita Han

    I’d love to win #2 because those products are also my faves! And i’m also a nail junkie

  • Nikki

    Have entered would love pack #2 :)

  • Emily

    I would absolutely love to win Pack 1 (for fair skin). I am fair-skinned with red cheeks, so it can be hard to find colors that suit me. I haven’t even heard of some of the products here and I absolutely love trying out new beauty products- I’m especially interested in that gorgeous BYS Glitter Dust!

  • megan canfarini

    I would love pack 2 because it is the best match for my skin tone

  • Danielle Earsman

    Hi I would like dark one please,, pack 2!

    :) awesome prize! Can someone tell me how to enter? Will be sharing and liking on Fb as well :) thanks

  • Danielle Earsman

    Haha I get it now..

    I would like the pack 2 the darker tinted pack cos I’m medium and always wear slightly darker stuff.. Also I am currently 5.5 months pregnant and in desperate need of some pick me ups and a mini makeover! Thanks for the great prize pack :)

    Dani. X

  • Amanda

    Done, love to get a chance to win this to help pamper my mum and/or split the prize with her :)

  • I would love to win this ! pack two because I have medium skin, but I’m not too fussed ! I am in the middle of organising my own nail art channel on youtube, instagram as well as facebook, it’s always been on the back of my mind and I’ve always enjoyed nail painting and beauty. I’m excited to see where this will take me ! winning this would be ideal ! and I’d be sure to promote you guys as well, I’m subscribed to your newsletter now as well, and a fan following you on facebook and instagram ! xoxo

  • Fair skin pack please, and because I don’t get alot of make up or nail art stuff due to my mum being broke and also she doesn’t use it so she doesn’t see why I need it. Would love to win this because I have nothing like this ! :)

  • Lucinda

    Done i would love the medium! Omg nails!!!! ????

  • Louise

    Even though I’m fair, I would like the medium pack as I love the colours.

  • Natasha

    The light package.
    It would definitely help to win some amazing supplies to help me out with my nailart designs.
    Just starting out but it’s a hobby I’m very excited and interested in.
    Love you’re advice too! Will definitely be reading your blogs :)

  • Joana Bento

    I’d love to win the fair skin pack because I love the colors of the products!

  • I’m from Singapore and am so excited about this giveaway! I’m a new follower and have subscribed to your newsletter, and loving your posts. Am lucky to have found this blog! ^^

    I would like to win either prizes, but would most likely select the one for pale skin as even though I’m Asian, my skin is not that tanned. Also, not all the products you have listed here are easily available for me! (:

    Reposting this to instagram~

  • Narelle Rock

    would love to win the medium pack please, have subscribed to email and reposted on Facebook and Instagram!

  • Would love the second pack, have sent a pic via Instagram, following there and on Twitter, Liked and shared on Facebook and a new fan.. I really need this kit. It’d be fun with all my nieces when I go on holidays in a couple of weeks to see the Family.

  • Nicole G

    i love pack 2!
    short short lashes.
    time to “glam” it up!
    and colour my boring weak nails,
    my attempts always fail!
    time to spice it up with quality.
    while the BB,
    sets my skin free!

    • First time in my life I see someone write a comment like a mini-poem. Girl, you deserve a separate prize just for that! x

  • PACK 1 A WINNER!! <3

    Have no idea of how to use Instagram nor am i going to start now.

    Shall Share pack 1 & 2 for all to see!

    Certainly a great encouragement to stop biting my nails. <3 … Cheers!

  • Elizabeth

    Awesome prize packs guys~ thanks for the giveaway :D x

  • Thanks everyone for your entries! We’re super excited for you and fingers crossed for every single person who entered! Girls, you all deserve to win!!!

    ps. We’ll be running giveaways every month, so hopefully over time you all get something nice from us :)

  • Kate Warner

    I’d love the ‘Light’ pack please ;) I prefer this pack with the gorgeous BYS diamond glitter – N344 Opal, but especially to try the Manicare Cuticle Oil Therapy everyone’s raving about!

  • Anita

    Would love love to win pack 1! I have subscribed and posted on my Facebook.

  • Jess

    Pack number 2/medium skin looks really good, I love the blue and black polish and caviar. I would really love to win this as I do my nails every few days

  • michelle w

    i have subscribed and would love pack one- it looks like everything a girl needs on night in with the friends and a movie

  • Kirsty

    Subscribed and shared :X

  • I subscribed and shared on Facebook
    I’d prefer Set 1
    redalepou at yahoo dot com

  • Andrea

    Hi! I suscribed and sharing this at my ig @andreitus_nails right now! I hope it helps spreading the word! :) and thanks for this awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed and any of both options will be fine for me, I personally preffer number 2 but I liked a lot number 1 too so if I by miracle win any it will be awesome!! Ps. Thanks for being an awesome page and sharing my work on Instagram and Twitter! I appreciate it a lot! ;) Xxx

  • silviabia

    The two are amazing!! But I think I prefer the prize #2 because I like more the colours of the polishs!! Thanks!!

  • lupe

    I choose number 2 ive always have painted my own nails and never have tried nail wraps they seem interesting frankly this whole prize is awesome so im not complaining.

  • Like many girls, I enjoy having fun doing my nails and make-up, so I would love to win prize pack 1. It’ll also give me the chance to try out a nail art pen!

  • Prize pack 1, I love the wraps and I have fair skin.

  • Sue C

    I would love pack #2 so I could do my nails in “Tardis Blue”

  • I would like prize pack #1 because I do have fair skin and the products look great! awesome!! thanks!

  • Caitlin

    Would like the Medium skin pack as I would love to give the Caviar and Orange Nail art pens a go! Love to experminet with my nails and having the compliments that follow :)

  • Tess Thomson

    Subscribed to enter, fingers crossed!!

  • Mariah

    I would just like to thank you all for bringing together such a close knit nail art community. It is so easy for me to relate to everyone part of it and it is because of both your blog and Instagram. Thank you so much for connect all of us world wide! I can only hope to become such a great nail artist like the ones you show! Good luck to everyone ! Xoxo

  • I’m really in dout which pack to choose. But I think that number 2 would Be better to me.
    I have white skin. But it’s not so white. And if the products won’t Fit my skin, I can give them to my mother. She is a little bit tanned than me.
    Thks a lot!

  • Beenish

    Would love to win prize pack 2 because never win a big & amazing prize pack in any competition.i just love this competition.

  • Ellie

    I have subscribed & pack 2 would be amazing thanks x

  • EunJung

    i would loove them both! (i seriously can’t decide what i want!!) each pack has different colors and styles that i would LOVE to have! for example…how am i supposed to decide if i want a coral nail art pen or an orange one!? i LOVE glitter, but caviar nails are something i’ve been wanting to try out for the LONGEST time! hmmmm…*five hours later* ok, i think the fair skin one!! or no….yes pack 1!! <3

  • Emma

    Pack 2 – medium skin. Nail art is my passion and i would love to add these amazing colours to my collection . Thanks for the opportunity, great comp!!

  • Foster

    Subscribed to the Nailicious

  • alisa

    i am in absolute love with number! everything about it is perfect, thanks!

  • Entered! Really hope that I win a prize! I’d prefer the first prize but to be honest, I’d be grateful for any! :)

  • Nichole Mckee

    :) What a wonderful competition…Many thanks :)

    The medium prize pack is for me
    Suits me down to a tea
    Sparkles and glam to really pop
    Nothing here is over the top
    Good Luck to everyone
    SoNailicious is really fun

  • Wendy Hatton

    I’d love to win the Medium Skin pack. They both have great products and colours but I could sure use the Manicare Nail Defence – Ultra Hardening Treatment.

  • been

    i love this competition lovely prize.

    One, two put on shoes.
    Three, four makeup galore.
    Five, six Dress quick.
    Seven, eight where’s my date?
    Nine, ten…late again!”

  • Erin Foster

    i would love to win the light back im a complete beauty fanatic and love trying new things! and so far none of these have been trie, id be totally excited if i won!

  • I’d love the pack 2 please! New to the nail art game, but now I’m hooked!

  • Cassandra

    I’d love to win prize 1! It would match my skin tone well.

  • I prefer pac 2. because I love that BYS polish and I really need a nail hardener. :)

  • jody buhagiar

    The fair skinned pack, thanks have shared and subscribed :)

  • I’d like the medium pack because the fair one would make me look like a ghost :-p

  • #1 for me because I’m so light. I’m a real nail junkie and would love to add to my collection and I’ve been really wanting to try some lashes lately. Good luck to everyone!

  • Isabel Almeida

    The pack 1 because i like the colours :)

  • Isabel Almeida
  • I have fair skin, so pack 1 :)

  • I would love to win the fair skin pack

    Thanks for this giveaway <3<3<3

  • I’ve entered and also shared the photo on facebook to enter twice! I love both but especially pack 2!!


  • If I won, I would like pack # 2 but both packs are sooo awesome. Lol, this is awesome.

  • Cheryl Jeffery

    If I were LUCKY enough to win, I would like #1 plzzzzzzzz and, of course, THANK YOU!!!!

  • Charlotte McGee

    The medium skin pack, because all of these items would look great for winter in Australia!

  • sapir

    OMG! love it!!
    want the first (;

  • Serenitka B

    I choose pack nr 1:) Cosmetics for this award are brilliant.Oh, I’d like to win them :)

    Subscribed & shared


  • Janni

    Subscribes and would love to win Pack 1. If only I am so lucky.

  • Janni

    Subscribed and would love to win Pack 1. If only I am so lucky.

  • Sarah Bailey

    Subscribed and pic posted on Instagram. Would love to win pack 2 for medium skin. FINGERS CROSSED.

  • Kassandra

    I would love pack 2 because have medium skin, and I would love the caviar set and nail defense (which my nails need really bad)

  • Nim

    I would like to win the medium pack! Why? Who doesnt like free stuff? :D lol i never win giveaways but never hurts to try!

  • Zoie

    I’m entering this guest because I follow you in instagram and you inspire me pretty much on a daily basis. I’d like to win pack number 2 mainly because I’m aspiring to become a licensed cosmotologist. My main interest is in nails and make up and I feel like the pack could help me and it would be truly a nice present to practice with :)

  • Dawn

    Just recently found you on Instagram & love your nail art. Would love to win the fair skin pack, so fingers crossed (also entered on Instagram).

    Posted picture of Facebook
    thanks for the opportunity!!

  • in love with pack 2 , gotta have it !

  • Krysteena

    So exciting! I like pack one because I have fair skin.

  • I subscribed to your newsletter.
    I would love to win Pack #1 because I have really light colored skin and it is really hard for me to find the right products.
    I hope I win because I love nail polish and make up, but who doesn’t? ;) x

  • Ana

    Pack two for me!! Eeek I’m so excited! I hope I win!

  • Marina

    Susbscribed! I would love to win the first pack because my skin is fair.

  • Souana

    Just entered the so nailicious giveaway for the 2 makeup and nail polish pack. I would like to win packet 1 because I’ve never tried these products before and I love to do makeup n nails. So I would love to win and try out these products. Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  • Amanda

    I would really like to win the fair skin prize, everything there looks really cool and i would love to try all of those things! Also your website and Instagram page are so cool and inspiring! I love the idea of this giveaway!

  • Kendra

    I am subscribed and would loveee pack 2 for the tan skin :) ??

  • Becky

    entered & would love to win #1 as i am VERY fair skinned :)

  • Moriah

    Hi ! I subscribed and would like the fair pack. My mom doesn’t have a lot of extra money to spend on stuff like this so winning this will help me get what I want :) I love nail polish and makeup

  • Angela


  • Amanda Rector

    I would love to win the 2nd prize! I have medium skin tone and think this would be great for me!

  • Kayla

    I subscribed and would prefer prize pack 1 :)

  • Angel

    Subscribed :)
    Feeling lucky so maybe pack 1 is headed my way!!

  • I have fair skin and I would love Pack 1 and I love the colours of the products.

  • Judy

    I’d love to win Pack #1 (fair)

  • PW

    I am more interested in package 2 for for my more tanned skin. It also has a more interesting nail polish pick, in my opinion! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Thanks so much for the great give away would love pack 2 pls xoxox

  • Love your website, newsletter & instagram! Would love even more to win prize pack #2 :D

  • Angel Lacandula

    I’d love to win the Package 2 :D It suits me well and i love the caviar and nail accessorries. :D And i’m into nail art also. :D

  • Love the contest and the prizes! i would love to win the fair skin set :D

  • Belle

    I would love to win the fair skin tones pack! I love trying new products and designs, so this would give me a whole new range of products to play with!! :D x

  • Kalli Melia

    I would love to win pack 2 because I adore the blue nail polish!

  • rada

    I would love to win package #1 because the color will look better on my skin tone and because most products are not available in my region…

  • Sla?ana Sušilovi?

    Thank you for giveaway. I would love to win pack 2. I really want to try L’Oreal 102 Bomy :)
    Share and subscribe :)

  • Hi,
    I would love the second package, I suscribed and shared the image on pinterest with the tag.
    Thank you very much!

  • Pack 1! I love the colors :D Thanks for the giveaway <3

  • Gisela Matta

    I’d like #1 because all of the goodies match my skin and LOVE the eyelashes too… Thanks for this giveaway.

  • I would choose the fair skin set… I LOVE teal and there is a lot of that in there!!! :)

  • michelle koerner

    I would chose prize pack 1- i am very fair skinned and sometimes i have trouble finding items to match my skintone, but these look like they would, Plus i LOVE the glitter!

  • Jemma

    I subscribed to the newsletter :) I would love to win set #1 because I am of the light-skin brigade. The nail polish colours look awesome too!

  • Nikki

    What an amazing giveaway! Whoever is behind this blog, you are so so generous.

    I’d love to win the second prize pack. I have to say that personally I’d love to win the nail products in the prize! Ever since I started my Instagram, @nailsbynikkih, I have loved trying out new brands, new shades and recommending my favourites to others. As for the makeup, I’d like to win it for my sister. Makeup isn’t something she uses a lot because she has spent so much money, yet has struggled to find products that work for her. So I think having the opportunity to try these would put a smile on her face :)

    • Nikki

      Apologies, I have only just found out your name.
      You are so generous Maria. Thank you!

  • Iris Lim

    I would love to win Pack 1 because I prefer the Glitter Dust Kit over Caviar. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

    P/S: I shared this giveaway at https://www.facebook.com/iris.lim.710/posts/144258482428753

  • Christina

    Pack two , being a frequent customer at stores like cosmetics plus ,Glam Manicure is a product and also brand i have been using for years now, and i absolutely adore it ! If it can make my mum feel beautifull then anyone who uses the product can. And thats why i would love to win pack two :)

  • kendra

    I would love to win prize pack 1 since I am fair skinned. Crossing my fingers… thanks!!

  • Patricia Casablanca

    I have been subscribed to your e-mail newsletter for a couple months now. I love the tutorials, and all the informative nail care tips. I am a fair-skinned woman & fairly new to nail art. I don’t have a website, just a facebook page & am on bloglovin. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • #2. Those colors are gorgeous and I’ve been wanting to try the Caviar Nail art!

  • Jayden H.

    I subscribed to your news letter! I would like either prize because I am kind of in the middle when it comes to skin tones!!

  • If i was blessed to win I would like to win the medium skinned because all of those items are wonderful to win and I’m not financially able but all of that, and I love make up and doing my nails. Hopefully I will get the chance to have and win.

  • christina

    who won :o?????????????

  • I would like to win the second pack and that is because I want to feel pretty and I guess that make-up makes me feel that way, it hides my imperfections and I actually feel like a living doll (I’M A GOTHIC LOLITA)… I guess that’s all and thank you : )

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