Snowflake Nails – Tutorial

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snowflake nails tutorialSnowflake nails are possibly the easiest and quickest winter nail design you can do. No nail art tools, complex masking with striping tape or excessive drying time. The entire design (as pictured) is done in one go and it takes about 20 minutes to do on both hands, including drying time. It’s a design that is deceptively easy and perfect for Christmas.


snowflake nail art tutorial

  1. Paint nails with base colour – 2 coats.
  2. Apply quick dry top coat.
  3. With a thin striping nail art brush* using silver nail polish, paint 3 evenly spaced intersecting lines (as pictured) to create a simple star shape.
  4. Add 2 more lines, like branches, at the end of each line.
  5. Add 2 small branches on every second line. They should be halfway between the centre of the snowflake and the end of the branches. Repeat this pattern in smaller size on ring finger. You can finish now (see the design below) or, add more snowflakes on other nails.
  6. Randomly add small dots of silver to give the impression of smaller, more distant snowflakes

Tip #1: do two large detailed snowflakes on tow nails only and less detailed, smaller flakes on the other nails. Too many snowflakes on one nail can look a bit messy and smaller snowflakes are hard to paint.

Tip #1: for silver snowflakes use textured nail polish (OPI It’s Frosty Outside), it’ll bring extra definition and sparkle to snowflake details.

easy snowflake nail artsnowflake nails 1

beautiful snowflake nail art

*If you haven’t yet started using nail art brushes I highly encourage you to try. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be wondering how you lived without them. Every time you practice, your lines will get better and straighter.

Used: Dance Legend Icy Time, Isadora 100 Diamond Crush (silver snowflakes) and ORLY Polishield top coat

How do you like these Snowflake Nails? Will you try this look?

As always, whether you will use this nail art tutorial or invent your own design, show it us!  Tweet or Instagram us a photo with a tag #SoNailicious or #SoNailiciousChristmas, we’re loving seeing your designs!

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