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oval nail shape, red nails, oval nails, It’s one of those things that are more important than it seems from the first sight. For most of my life, my nails just didn’t want to grow, or to be more accurate, I didn’t know how to grow them. There are tons of fantastic things you can do with short nails, just look at these short nail gurus. But personally, I’ve always wanted slightly longer nails than what I’ve had.

After trying many, and by many I mean about 20, different nail strengtheners, my hope of longer nails seemed unachievable. However, recently I had a chance to try Bio Sculpture Gel. It protected my nails for a good 10 days and allowed me to finally get a bit of extra length to my nubs. By lucky coincidence, then I was recommended to try ORLY Nailtrition and that is pretty much responsible for the extra length. I’m still trialing a few other products (thank you guys, for your recommendations), but they need a bit more time before deriving any conclusions.

oval shape nail, red nailsperfect red nails, oval shape nailsred roses red nailsbeautiful red rosesGetting back to the subject of nail shape… The longer my nails grew the more I began experimenting with different nail shapes. In the last year, I had my nails square, squoval and even attempted an almond shape but that quickly developed into a squoval. The only nail shape that I didn’t try was an oval, until now.

When I was holidaying in Turkey in 2005, a celebrity manicurist, Marina said to me while looking at my nails “You should give your nails a proper shape. The right nail shape is the one that follows your natural cuticle shape. It’s the best for your hands.” Now 8 years later, I’ve finally followed Marina’s advice and it feels fantastic! Some of the benefits of having oval nail shape I’ve discovered over the last week include:

  • – they don’t catch on everything
  • – easier and quicker to file nails into ovals
  • – easier to type
  • – fingers look longer
  • – some nail designs look better on oval shapes.

So I’m an oval shape nails convert now! Can’t guarantee it will last for the rest of my life but so far so good…

What nail shape do you prefer and why?

PS. On my nails: Essie Jag-U-Are.

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