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orly nail polish giveawayHere’s a little something for you dear readers to make your weekend even better!

We’re giving away some of our favorite nail products and one of them is our favorite nail strengthener of all time! Have you seen our Orly Nailtrition Review? Did you want to try it? Well, here’s a perfect opportunity for you to win Orly Nailtrition along with a couple of other Orly hero products. Again, we have 2 packs for 2 lucky readers to give away.

Each pack is valued at $60 and includes:

orly nail polish giveaway 1

  1. Orly Nailtrition – if you want to know more about this magical nail strengthener check out our review here.
  2. Orly Sec’n’Dry – quick deep-dry topcoat. It quickly penetrates and dries all nail lacquer layers at once creating a hard, protective finish.
  3. Orly Nail Polish in Pixy Stix shade – classic creme in elegant dusty rose pink shade.

Sound exciting? Well, one of these packs can be yours – enter now, it’s EASY!

How to enter:

1. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to subscribe to the SoNailicious Weekly Newsletter (below).*


Alternatively, you can be a SoNailicious follower on Bloglovin (here), just let us know your Bloglovin username in your entry comment below.

2. Comment on this post letting us know you’ve entered and why you would like to win it.*

Extra Points:

1. Share the first image on your Facebook wall by clicking the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of this post or on your Instagram and tag us – @SoNailicious @So_Nailicious  or #sonailicious.

The giveaway starts today, 18 August 2013 and closes at midnight, Sunday 1 September 2013. The winner will be announced here (in this post) on Monday, 2 September 2013 and also contacted via email (from our subscribers list as at 1/09/2013).

This Giveaway is now closed. The winners have been notified and the prizes were posted to them.

Maria xx

Terms & Conditions 1. ‘SoNailicious Giveaway: Orly Hero Product Pack – open internationally. 2. To enter in this competition you must: a) be subscriber or subscribe to SoNailicious newsletter OR follow SoNailicious on Bloglovin, here b)comment on on this post letting us know about your entry. *These are obligatory entries. 3. Extra Entry: share this image on Facebook or Instagram and tag SoNailicious in – our Facebook page is here and our instagram is @So_Nailicious #sonailicious. 5. Winners will be chosen on the above criteria and will be identified via random number generator. There will only be 2 winners. 5. One person can only enter once but can accumulate double points by sharing the first image. 6. Winners will be contacted via email and announced in this post on 2 September 2013 (7pm, Sydney time). 7. Prize pack valued – each RRP at app. AUS $60. 8. If the prize is not claimed by the winner within 48 hours, we will choose another winner. 9. Prizes will be posted to the 2 winners on 4 September 2013.

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  • joslyn

    Thanks for the opportunity. I subscribed to your news letter. Good luck girls! I also wanna share on ig thanks again.

    • Kaylaa

      Hi so I have bitten my nails for ages and ages
      And now they’re horrible they are flaky and ugly and I just hate it
      I would really like to win because I would love to have some protection on my nails and I can’t afford these high brands like orly Sally Hansen ect. So I would really love to win I have tried olive oil and water and salt it didn’t help at all
      Please you would make me feel really happy inside if I won thanks x kaylaa

  • Bloglovin follower – Juliana Melchior ;
    I can’t find the share button for facebook, there’s only a like button, and share on twitter! :/
    Juliana Melchior recently posted…How About Some Fresh Mint?My Profile

  • I wanna win! Why? Because I love Orly products! Their Top2Bpttom is amazing and being out of a job right now, this will help fuel my addiction ;) thank you!

  • Debbie

    This is right in time for my nails much needed treatment from peeling and cracking/splitting due to my pregnancy hormones. And the best part, Orly is safe to use during pregnancy! I would really love to win! (I have been a subscriber already *_*)

  • Lately some of my nails have started peeling/cracking, and it’s killing me to see them suffer! :( I’m looking for a miracle product to help my nails stay healthy and strong, and Orly Nailtrition may just be the perfect cure!
    Madison recently posted…i really really love your nail art, iv started up a blog not long ago and im trying to gain nail art followers to start it up, any chance for a follow back please xMy Profile

  • Ashley Hakker

    Hello ladies. I entered because I have heard so many good things about Orly products and don’t have any at the moment and I would love to try them out! Thank you for giving me a chance to win!

  • Sarah

    Love to win because I’ve never tried orly products before! and I could use some help on my nails

  • Victoria

    Victoria S Andrews is the name I follow you with. I would love to try the Orly as I have peeling nails on my big toes as gross as that is.

  • Lisa

    I’ve just started trying to grow my nails out for the first time in 9 years. They are a mess and break and peel easily. I’ve tried so many different treatments, but none have worked. I would like to try Orly’s Nailtrition.

  • Yin Min

    Love the giveaway! I’ve entered B’cos I love to take care of my nails and design them. And I also love the nail designs from u!
    Thx u! ???

  • Harshita

    We dont have this brand in india but i really wanted to try it.

  • Kitty

    Haha… I even commented on the Nailtrition review that It sounded so good, It made me WANT to try it. Perfect timing! I follow you on Blogloving with the name Kitty_Se :)

  • Carolin

    My nailtrition is almost finished and it would be perfect to win a new one since its really hard to find it here in Italy and I had to wait 4 weeks last time to get it shipped from England :-(

  • Erika

    Omg I don’t just want to win this, I NEED to win this! My nails peel and split all the time and I’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked! Pick me PLEASE!
    Ps, love your nails and your IG page (follower)

  • Amber Boyce

    I have subscribed to become a member. I would love to win as my nails need some serious TLC, especially after all of the gardening I have been doing.

  • Lorin

    I’ve been trying a bunch of different things to get my nails to stop peeling and breaking and none of them have really helped, I would really like to try orly

  • I follow you on bloglovin with name Victoria Oen. I’m really interested in trying Orly Nailtrition as I have weak nails that really need nail care product. Thanks for the giveaway :D
    Victoria Oen recently posted…Ice Cream Mani and Etude House Ice Cream Nails SwatchMy Profile

  • Hi, I’m 19 uni student and am trying to get into the nail art industry. I’ve been looking for a product that ACTUALLY WORKS, as a lot of them say that they are the miracle we need, but they cost a fortune and often don’t live up to their hype. It would be amazing to have something that protects my nails from the damaging effects of farm work. Please choose me! :) You are the best and an inspiration! :)

  • Annamaria

    I follow by bloglovin as annamaria.quaresima. I love the Pixy Stix shade, and I could certainly do with a good quick dry topcoat – haven’t found a truly fast one yet!

  • shamsa

    ever since my relatives have arrived from overseas, my hands and nails have become dry and brittle from washing so many dishes and doing all the extra household chores and they are in a dire need of extra TLC!!

  • I am following you on bloglovin, my name there is annamariakaroliina. I’d like to win this because i have never tried these Orly products before even though would have wanted. I have only one Orly nail polish bottle (Star of Bombay) and I’d like to try many others :)

  • Dimitra

    Hi girls! Thank you so much for the giveaway.. I would like to try these babies because I definitely trust your opinion!! Unfortunately Orly products are hard to find in Greece.. Hope I win.. Good luck to you all!! :***

  • musette

    I’d love to win a set for my daughter. She could really use it to help her nails become stronger.Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Alaina Molnar

    thanks for the giveaway! i would like to enter because i struggle with peeling nails and i love a good fast drying topcoat :) my bloglovin username: lainypainy

  • I’m following you on bloglovin’. My name is Elina.
    Great giveaway! ;)

  • Judy

    I LOVE Orly’s Bonder and would like to try their other products.
    Username: judyw

  • menyus

    Andrea is the name I follow you with on Bloglovin. I really would love to try these nail treatments, recently my nails are damaged becouse of work. Thank you for a chance to win.

  • Brianna

    I’d love to win this!! I really like doing my nails so I think this would be perfect for me.

    Bloglovin: Fashionfairy

  • Cassandra S.

    I follow you via email, bubsgizmocontest at gmail dot com. I want to win because I love Orly! Their formula is great on their colors and I love the brush. I haven’t tried their treatments but I use Bonder for glitter and it’s great!

  • Patricia Casablanca

    I’ve tried Orly polishes & really like the quality & variety of colors & finishes. I think the Nailtrition would do wonders in keeping my nails flexible, while they are strong, I think they are too rigid & may tend to break badly. I do have thick hard nails, but maybe too hard? And a quick dry top coat is always a plus in any manicure! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Patricia Casablanca

    Oops, I forgot, I already subscribe to the weekly newsletter & am now following on Bloglovin (patriciacasablanca3). Again, thanks for holding this giveaway!

  • Jayne

    I’ve never tried Orly polish before so I’d like to win to have the chance to try it out!

    Bloglovin: jetvalentine

  • Courtney

    Thank you for this chance great prize
    I have subscribed and liked xx ?

  • Sushma

    Hi, I follow u in bloglovin. my id: sushmasonar
    I would love to win this give away :)

  • Bloglovin follower – Sotengelen

    I have been looking all over for the nail strengthener, since your review, but it is not avaliable here. :(
    Sotengelen recently posted…Nettdating – forts.My Profile

  • Ashley S.

    Thank you for a chance to win! :)
    I subscribed for emails and also follow on Bloglovin

  • Jen

    I entered by subscribing to the mailing list because I’ve been looking for products like these! My nails need a lot of help.

  • Jennifer Dysart

    entered! I want to win because I am a nail polish addict and nail polish is awesome and makes me happy >.<

  • I really need something to help my nails grow and maybe make them more stronger so they don’t break so easily

  • Jessica

    Bloglovin Jessica Elizabeth Hamilton

  • Katherine Donovan

    I have a serious nail polish addiction!! I paint my nail everyday or every other day. My nails could really use some help (and so could my brain, lol)

    I follow you on BlogLovin’ and email subscriber

    Katherine Donovan

  • I would love to win because I have never tried Orly products.

    Thank you for the giveaway!!
    Daniela recently posted…Reto BAT: Diseño GeométricoMy Profile

  • Joana Bento

    I’ve entered!
    I’d love to win because I want to try Orly products for so long !
    following on Bloglovin: Joana Bento

  • Karen M.

    My bloglovin’ name is Peteyrulz.

    I want to win because I use Nailtrition and love it; I also like Pixey Tix.

  • Marina

    I’ve entered because I always have such weak and peeling nails and I haven’t found anything to fix it and, as Orly is a great brand, I think it may work.

  • Bianca Rogoveanu

    I heard only good things about Orly, so i would love to try the brand too !

    Bloglovin: bubble10
    Fb share : https://www.facebook.com/bianca.rogoveanu/activity/516111175134688?og_perm_src=OPEN_GRAPH_SINGLE_STORY

  • kendra

    I subscribe to your posts and would love to win because my nails could really use some TLC from all the polishing I do! My nails are prone to peeling and have ridges, so keeping up on that takes time!

  • Kris

    would love to try orly!

  • Irina G.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Already subscribed to the SoNailicious Weekly Newsletter
    I’d love to win because I’m a nail polish addict and I have never tried Orly products.
    Shared the first image on my Facebook wall: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=711446292205932&set=a.104161189601115.12952.100000217028439&type=1

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I follow via Bloglovin (collifornia)
    I want to win because my nails are thing and brittle.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  • Bloglovin: maRyya

    I’ve never tried Orly products and I only heard good things about them and that’s why I’d like to win.

    mar_yya [at]yahoo [dot] com
    maRyya recently posted…Sunset manicure & cute bracelet from eFoxCityMy Profile

  • Kate L

    I entered because I’d really like to be able to grow my nails out longer and stronger, and I love ORLY products! I’d love to give these a go!

    I subscribe via email.

  • Sla?ana Sušilovi?

    I follow via Bloglovin (Sla?ana Sušilovi?).
    Already subscribed to the SoNailicious Weekly Newsletter (sladana.susilovic@gmail.com).
    I’d love to win because I have never tried Orly products.
    email: sladana.susilovic@gmail.com

  • purple_rain

    Oooh, I think my nails’d be eternally grateful to get an opportunity for a treatment with such a fine product! AND I don’t have a single Orly polish/treatment yet. :(
    (bloglovin name: Velena M.)

  • Celena Clause

    Entered by subscribing through email :) Would love to win because I need a good nail straightener so bad

  • Ruth

    Following you on Bloglovin’ as Ruth Gistelinck

    Shared on FB here: http://sonailicious.com/test2/orly-nail-polish-giveaway/

    I would love to win because I really love Orly!

    Thanks xx

  • Rosemary ford

    I have wanted to try this for a long time my nails right are peeling , splitting

  • I’d love to win!! Orly is my ultimate favourite product! After all the blogging I’ve done recently, my nails are in much need of TLC!

    Thanks for the giveaway lovelies x
    April Sidlow recently posted…Green and NudeMy Profile

  • Praisy

    Subscribed and shared on facebook :) Orly is a really trustworthy brand ?

  • Natashakat

    bloglovin sissy899
    I really need something to help my nails grow and maybe make them more stronger so they don’t break so easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fb share http://www.facebook.com/blublu899/posts/10201959722901858

  • Great giveaway! I follow via Bloglovin.
    Ameerah@ValiantlyVarnished recently posted…MAC Cosmetics International Giveaway!My Profile

  • I subscribed via bloglovin’ (jessivenom)
    I would love to win because I don’t have the money to purchase polish, and I’ve always wanted to try more ORLY products!
    I also shared this giveaway on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JessiVenom/posts/10201328456229573
    Jessica recently posted…Another updateMy Profile

  • Lena Payne

    I subscribe by email and bloglovin and shared the image on instagram from @lepayner to @so_nailicious #sonailicious. :)

  • sam

    I’d love to win this pack because I am planning on studying a nail course next year and I love experimenting with different nail styles!!! Love your stuff!

  • DeMetria

    I entered because I love only products and have really been wanting to use the Nailtrition. I have very brittle nails, so they are always breaking off

  • Katrina

    Hello:) I’ve recently subscribed to your blog after being stunned by your beautiful nail art. I would like to win becuase I have never used Orly products becuase I could never afford such a pricy splurge:( My nails are naturaly very dry and brittle, and no matter what I do, I can barely get them to grow past my fingertips. I was hoping I could get them longer by my sweet 16 in 3 weeks. Anyways, I enjoy your posts very much,

  • Lorena

    This is great! I cant buy this products in Croatia, it would be awsome to try them.

  • Hi, WOW, I wish I win this one. I have been following your newsletter for long through setu.rohini@gmail.com.
    I am not able to find the option of sharing the giveaway on facebook. There is no share button. I could see a ‘Like’ option which I clicked.
    Setu Rohini recently posted…Rakshabandhan Inspired Nail ArtMy Profile

  • Thank you for this give-away opportunity! I follow via Bloglovin’-tndrft001. I also follow on Facebook and Google+. I would like to win this because my nails peel a lot from having been a nail biter for years and I’ve heard that Orly helps make them stronger.

    Good luck everyone!
    Angela S recently posted…August 2013 Ipsy BagMy Profile

  • Libertad

    I’d love to win becuse I thing Orly products are great, and I’ve been wanting to try nailtrition for a really long time. The blog is awsome!

  • Joined the mailing list!

    I would like to win because my nails are very weak and unhealthy, but I’m too broke to buy a good quality strengthener like this Orly one. :(

  • alice

    I’d love to be able to try nailtrition since my nails are prone to breaking and I’ve been looking for a quick dry top coat so this give away is perfect! Definitely will be reposting this pic on instagram as @sketch_away

  • I’ve entered. I would like to win it because in my country I can’t buy the Orly’s products but I’m really want to try them and simply I love nail’s products! <3.

  • Cindy Loo

    Entered! I would love to win this, since my nails are a disaster and I can’t get them to grow long or keep polish on without chipping! My bloglovin username is kcindyloo.

  • I’ve entered! And I would like to win because I love everything about nails, and orly is one of my favorites nail polish brand! :)
    I hope to win!

  • veronica

    following with bloglovin under t0rr3sv3r0.. would love to win to get the orly nail strengthener

  • Amanda

    I’ve subscribed to the weekly newsletter!

    I’d love to win because I’m actually in need of a good quick-dry topcoat right now, and Orly products are something I need to use more often. :)

  • Johnmspt

    bloglovin trelocat
    fb share https://www.facebook.com/john.mspt/posts/416762438430177

    I’d love to win because I I love everything about nails!

  • Tina

    Following on Bloglovin’ as tinast
    I would love to win because I have never try those nail polishes

  • Mirjana

    I an subscibed as mirjana(dot)ivanisevic(at)yahoo(dot)com

    I would love to win because colors are so great

  • Sara Cehennemden

    I wld love to win because i’ve never tried Orly products :)

  • Marie-Louise Burness

    To experience is to win, therefore to win is to enjoy the experience :)

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