Hello, I’m a Flamingo… will you be my Dove? Psst… Giveaway!

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Napoleon perdis love birds flamingo set

“Pink flamingo, the child of sunset…” words from an old song like a distant memory came rushing my mind as I was covering my nails in Flamingo, the latest polish shade from Napoleon Perdis. It is such a great strategic move for Napoleon to start producing his own nail polish range, don’t you think? Buying a lipstick and not being able to get a matching (or contrasting) nail polish is like having the moon in a sky without stars. Like being in love without a lover.

The new Napoleon Perdis Love Birds collection inspired by a painting of Australian artist, Felicia Aroney takes the idea of finding your perfect (lipstick- nails) match to the whole new level. A nail polish and a gloss packaged in complimentary shades packaged in a cosmetic bag that showcases Felicia’s artwork. It’s romantic, cute and actually, touching. And, the collection has arrived in the right time too. It’s Valentine’s Day!

Now, to find our more about the Flamingo set, read our review below and if you read till the end, there is a surprise for you!

Napoleon perdis love birds flamingo nail polishNapoleon perdis love birds collection review 1Napoleon perdis love birds flamingoNapoleon perdis love birds collection reviewNapoleon perdis flamingo lip gloss swatch


  • Set Inlcudes: make-up case, nail polish and lip gloss in complementary shades.
  • Lip Gloss: the lip gloss adds a tint to your lips resulting in a wet lip look rather than a full-on colour. It’s very sheer and perfect for layering over lipstick to add additional gloss.
  • Polish:
  • Formula: Very thick almost creamy, highly pigmented and 3-free. It’s very similar to Tom Ford’s nail polish formula.
  • Application: 2 coats for full coverage.
  • Finish: Classic glossy creme.
  • Brush: The brush is pretty good but because the nail polish is so thick, it feels like a a more rigid brush is needed.
  • Wearability: With a top coat it lasted 3 days chip free.
  • Nail Art: Great for any kind of nail art.

Availability: now $49.00 via David Jones, Napoleon Perdis beauty counters.

flamingo colour nail polish

So that was Flamingo. As you know, there are more colours in the collection and today thanks to the team at Napoleon Perdis, we’re giving you a chance to win the Dove set!

Napoleon perdis love birds dove set review


1. Comment on this post with your most creative answer to this question: “Why is the Flamingo such a cool love bird?”

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The giveaway closes next Monday, 17 Feb 2014, midnight. The winner will be announced here on Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014 and contacted via email. Open – worldwide.

Good luck!

Maria, xx

Update, 18/02/2014. The giveaway is now closed and the winner is Jenny. The prize was be posted to the winner on 21/02/2014.

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  • That bag is so cute! And I can totally see that shade of pink being amazing in nail art :)

  • Mely

    Because of its beautiful color, the way it forms a heart shape when paired!

  • Carla A.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Flamingo is a cool bird because its colour is really amazing. So bright and between pink and coral (which I love too) makes it original and outstanding! You can’t just stop to look at it! :)

  • Hi. I’ve shocked by both colours you’ve shown. It’s really fascinating.

  • Irina G.

    Flamingo is the most beautiful bird, as beautiful as only love can be.)
    Bloglovin follower: Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk

  • Because it is pink and pink is related to love as it is related to red.

  • Jenny

    Have you heard the flamingo singing? Well, i did. And i saw lake full of there birds, totally pink lake. On Cyprus. And i was shocked that so looking-great-and-fairy birds had so horrible voices. But when you look so amazing,who cares about your voice lol

  • Monica

    Following on blog lovin. Their beautiful color!


    because its colour is really Amazing!
    thanks for chance!

  • margherita sciortino

    flamingo is amazing…great colours!
    blogl.marghe give

  • Kristi

    Bloglovin follower. The flamingo is cool because its color matches what it eats! Who doesn’t love to eat? :)

  • giuliana leone

    Flamingo is a cool bird For his colours!!! All love it *_*

  • Katy

    Flamingos are amazing love birds because they always stay grounded.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I follow on Bloglovin.

    katygmorris at gmail dot com

  • Because they are incredibly cute and pink!

    I follow on bloglovin as Iriel

  • Megan Russell

    The flamingo is such a great love bird because when two flamingos rub there beaks together their bodies make a heart shape.

  • Because it is amazing and colourful! veronicamurroni@yahoo.it

  • The flamingo is above coollove bird because of its beautiful color. And they make a heart shape when they are next to each other.

  • Kristina

    Because they latch beaks to make a heart

  • Alice Beerland

    Red is the color of passion, but pink, the color of flamingos is the color of playful foreplay and all the games that people in love play. That’s why is such a cool love bird, it’s fun!!

    bloglovin: Alice Beerland
    email: fanouria20(at)hotmail(dot)com

  • Colleen Boudreau

    Because it’s pink!
    I follow via Bloglovin (collifornia)

  • Venn

    I like flamingos because of their color and to be honest to me they are a little bit funny looking – it’s always nice to be different!

    I follow on bloglovin’ – Venn

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Tina

    Becuse they are so pink!!!!! I love them so much! I bought a bikini with flamingos on Amazon

  • The Flamingo is a cool love bird because they twine their necks together and when they are next to each other their neck shapes make a heart – so romantic! Love these gorgeous birds almost as much as I love the gorgeous gold detail against the pink ?

  • Mina

    Flamingos are an amazing bird species. They stand on one leg for an unknown reason. The thing that makes their color remarkable is the fact that its bright and vibrant. Although they come from the class of Phoenicopterus which actually means purple wing, yet they are truly pink and remarkablh beautiful.

  • Janice

    Flamingos look like love. Their beautiful color makes you happy when you see them. They huddle in a flock for warmth and two together can form a heart with their necks!

  • Candice

    Because it’s natural stance forms half a heart!

  • -“flamingo” comes from Spanish and Latin word “flamenco” means = fire. .. No love without the “fire”
    -Flamingos often stand on one leg, like a lady in love
    -They have a four-chambered heart like humans
    -Flamingoes form strong pair bonds of one male and one female… Like us in love ..we love the one person for eternity (yea well almost)
    -they have the color of a person in love (red/pink
    And most importantly .. If they form a perfect pair , they put their hearts out for the other !!! (Seen em beak to beak .. They make a heart !! )
    And when you see through the heart, all you see is love :)

    Following your newsletter ..

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