What’s Your Most Treasured Nail Polish?

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most treasured nail polish

While spring cleaning recently, I caught myself thinking “If I had to move to another country, which polishes couldn’t I live without?” What is the most treasured nail polish in my collection? It’s between Chanel Taboo and Diorific Minuit but, if I could choose only one it would have to be Diorific. What migratory circumstances would conspire to allow only one (1) polish? I can’t imagine, but there it is anyway. Love the formula, love the bottle, the brush, the colour, it really is the pinnacle of polish for me.

Now come on guys, spill! What is the most treasured nail polish in your collection? If you were selected to inhabit a new settlement in a biosphere on the moon (likely, I know) and could take just one bottle of polish, what would it be?

– Maria, xx

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  • Niki T.

    NDLacquer “A Night in Cannes”

    • omg! I just googled it. Such an amazing glitter! Adding to my must have list now! Thank for sharing Nikki! x

  • Victoria S

    Helios by CIRQUE. I use this as an accent nail all the time so it is the one for me. Thank goodness I really don’t have to choose tho cuz I love diversity.

    • Oh the gold one! I know that one – such a beautiful polish. Thanks for sharing Victoria! x

  • Chanel Malice!

  • Hehe, I just had to go for longer vacation and could take only one nail polish. And I chose Zoya Purity! Yes, just white polish! But I can do a lot with it… So many ways to use it in nail art! And I used it a lot. Of course I bought other awesome nail polishes in my vacation. But Purity was the right choice. :)

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