Nude Nails Can Be Fun! Let’s Start A Revolution.

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minimalist nude nails

Nude nails are the favorite look at almost any fashion week. From New York to Sydney, shows are dominated by nude nails in all possible shades and finishes – from milky pearlescent nude to matte tan nude. This phenomena has nothing to do with manicurists, in fact, they’d be happy to go wild for the shows. It is the designers who often hold back.

You see, nail art has a certain stigma attached to it. Unicorns, bows, polka dots and glitter are cool but is not something you’ll ever see in Vogue. And because everyone (in fashion) wants to be in Vogue, there’s hesitation to display nail art on the runway. When you mention nail art to anyone from the fashion crowd, you’ll most likely get a massive side eye. But then they’ll see your nails and… “Oh, yeah! That’s cool! Where did you get it done?” Well, I did it myself. It’s called… nail art!

Nail art can be chic. It can be edgy. It can be stylish. And nude nails? There are 100 and 1 ways of making nude nails look cool – negative space details, studs, linear patterns, half moons, french tip, etc, etc. Or even a combination of two different techniques, like today’s manicure. Sheer nude with a black French tip and a black stud. Easy, quick and super chic. Too much? Don’t do the black tip, just keep the stud. This manicure is as minimal as it gets but it would still get some attention from the media and bring more exposure to the designer sporting something a bit different, a bit revolutionary. And who knows, you might even get Vogue’s approval?

BTW, to get this look – follow this French manicure tutorial, then add a stud and seal it all with a top coat. Easy!

beautiful nude and black nail artblack and nude nails with orly liquid vinylblack and nude nailsnude and black nail art with orly liquid vinyl

Used: OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy, ORLY Liquid Vinyl, Essie Good To Go top coat.
Wearing: Gunmetal Knuckle Ring.

So what do you think guys? Can we change the nude nail world? What design would you do to create chic nude nails with maximum impact?

– Maria, xx

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  • Ashley Clevenger

    This is right up my alley. I LOVE nude shades and nail art. Im always drawn to nudes and have so many that I love. When I’m in doubt about what to do for my weekly manicure, I do a nude. This is a very chic look. Thanks for sharing.

  • I just can say WOW. This is a stunning mani, simple yet elegant and cool too in the same time! That french smile line is PERFECT!


  • I totally agree on what you said about other people seeing your colorful nailart…. haha. Great nude nail option! Love it!

  • Of course nail art can be chic and of couuurse nude nails are great ! I love doing a mani with a part of my nail nude, with triangles, or half-moon, etc…

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