How To Store Nail Polish: 6 Do’s and Don’ts

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Editor’s Note: Nail polish can be a sticky business! There is nothing worse than pulling out your favourite polish only to find that the formula has thickened or worse, the lid is completely stuck to the bottle. Just like other beauty products, nail polish requires a specific storage method to ensure longevity.

Today Katie Cerff, a well known Australian nail blogger, shares her best tips on how to store nail polish. Whether you own 10 or 1,000 lacquers Katie has a solution for you. So read on, nail art warriors! – Maria, xx

how to store nail polish, nail polish racks

Most polishes have a suggested shelf life of two years. You can however, extend or shorten this by how you choose to store your polishes. High temperatures activate the solvents within the nail polish which gives your polish that thick and melted consistency. Keeping it in a cool place will prolong its shelf life and keep your polish smooth and easy to apply.

6 Do’s and Don’ts of storing your nail polish:

  • Do store nail polish in a cool, dark place with consistent temperature.
  • Don’t store your polishes near any sources of heat.
  • Do store nail polish away from direct sunlight. Light exposure can can promote discolouration or fading of the pigment.
  • Don’t store nail polish in the bathroom. The temperature is constantly changing due to the shower and your polishes will be exposed to humidity.
  • Do ensure that all of your polishes are stored in an upright position.
  • Don’t store nail polish in the fridge. Whilst some say that storing your polish in the fridge slows down the discolouration that happens as the polish gets older and reduces the solvent evaporation, it also causes the formula to thicken. Plus… who has room in their fridge for their nail polish collection anyway? I know I sure don’t!

How to store nail polish – 3 ways:

nail polish wall rack, polish storage

1. Nail Polish Wall Rack. Having your favourite polishes on display makes it is a lot easier to find/pick colours for your next manicure or nail art creation. Just make sure it is away from direct sunlight and the temperature of the room is consistent, so it ticks the cool and dark storage rules.

Nail polish wall racks can be purchased from eBay or here.

nail polish holder

2. Shelving Unit. Polishes that you don’t use as much or are waiting to be swatched/reviewed can be stored on a shelf inside your wardrobe on a nail shelving unit. This method also ticks all the boxes as it is cool, dark and away from direct sunlight.

Nail polish shelving units can be purchased from here, here or via eBay.

how to store nail polish

3. Drawers. This is a very popular method of storing nail polishes. It ticks all the boxes of correct storage and is a very good way to store your polishes to prolong shelf life. Most people use Ikea Helmers, which is an affordable and easy solution.

There are so many ways to store your polish, whether it be in boxes, drawers, inside cupboards, or shelving units. And, if stored correctly, you can prolong the life of your beloved nail polishes

How do you store your nail polish? Any great storage ideas we could add to the list?

– Katie Cerff

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  • Cat

    Hi Maria, I’ve not seen anyone else online use the storage method I’ve chosen for my polish collection: shoebox-size plastic boxes (clear, so I can see what’s in them), with a snap-off lid. I line the bottom with non-slip drawer liner material to keep the bottles from sliding around, and I attach a label on the front that specifies the color contained within (I store mine by color, not brand). These boxes are stackable. For me personally, this method gives me portability and the ability to see all my bottles of one color easily. (PS: Each box comfortably holds about 36 – 40 bottles.)

    • What a great idea! Thanks for sharing Cat. Where do you get these plastic boxes?

      • Cat

        Hi Maria, you can get them at any mass retailer such as WalMart, Target, or Meijer’s. Styles vary by store, so you can do a little research to see what you like best.

  • Jessica

    Great piece Katie! I love the wall rack storage and haven’t been able to find them, now I know. I’ll be in the lookout for your next article! xo

    • Katie

      Thank you Jessica! I’m so glad I could help you out. I absolutely love my wall racks. Thanks for reading xox

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