10 Tips for Perfect Application of Jamberry Nail Wraps

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So, how to apply Jamberry nail wraps? Here’s my top 10 tips for the flawless application of Jamberry nail wraps… But before we get started, I want to thank you all for the overwhelming support! The launch of the SoNailicious x Jamberry nail wrap collection has been a tremendous success. You stormed the Internet, in a true nail art warrior fashion and SoNailicious.com was overwhelmed by huge volumes of traffic. So much traffic in fact that our servers went down for a few hours, apologies for any inconvenience there. I have a huge bandwidth allowance to make sure the site stays up during the highest traffic spikes, but what happened last night was beyond any foreseeable levels. Anyways, the collection has now been revealed to the world and hope you’ve already obtained a pack or two of SoNailicious x Jamberry wrap goodness.

Now, before you try to apply your brand new French Twist designs, please read these application tips carefully. Each of the nail wraps are different and require slightly different approaches. These are extra long-lasting and the closest thing to a real manicure on the market, so to get them perfect, you’ll need a bit of extra effort to get the most from them but it’ll be well worth it!

After a couple of weeks of road testing the range I learned quite a few tricks that will help you get the most from each style. So read on nail art warriors!

Here’s my top 10 tips for flawless Jamberry nail wrap application:

  1. The wraps are heat activated. So make sure you warm them up for for 3-5 seconds with a hairdryer or Jamberry mini first. This step is absolutely essential.
  2. After matching your nail to the nail wrap that best fits, cut it in half and use the other half for your second hand – same nail. It’s a very simple tip but many people forget and just use the whole wrap for one nail. Used properly, each sheet has enough wraps for 2 full set manicures and 1-2 pedicures.
  3. Avoid touching the sticky surface of the nail wrap when separating them from the sheet and when warning them up. Oily residue on your fingers can affect the adhesive layer and the nail wraps won’t attach properly. Use an orange stick or a pencil to pick up and warm the wrap.
  4. Like any manicure, rushing isn’t the best approach. Take your time, focus when applying the wraps and smoothing them out around the edges. If it doesn’t attached well first time, re-do it. This is essential, if not attached properly they may not last as long as intended.
  5. Make sure the surface of your nails is perfectly smooth before applying the wraps. You may need to buff your nails a little bit or use a ridge filling top coat to smooth them out.
  6. If your nails have a strong curve or if you attached wraps and you have some bubbles along the edges, heat up the nail with the nail wrap attached, smooth out the bubbles by pressing down and also slide a rubber cuticle pusher over the troublesome areas. Jamberry has a demonstration of this in this video. You can use the cuticle pusher from the Jamberry kit (the purple stick pictured on the photo above), your own cuticle pusher or even a cotton stick. Just don’t use orange wood sticks or anything hard, it may damage the delicate nail wrap.
  7. Use a glass file or soft buffer to file off any excess using a downward motion in one direction. No backwards/forwards movements and no harsh metallic files, they can tear the wrap edges.
  8. If you have dry or brittle nails, I suggest applying 1-2 coats of your favourite nail strengthener. The wraps have very strong adhesive layers and particularly dry nails maybe susceptible to damage when you remove the wraps. Which is brings us to the next tip.
  9. Make sure you follow the removal instructions (provided on the wrap packaging) precisely. I found the easiest and fastest way is heat them up with a fan and gently peel off each nail by using a cuticle pusher or orange stick to lift them up from one side and keep pushing till you remove it completely. Wipe off any sticky residue with nail polish remover.
  10. If you want an extra-glossy look, use a top coat. I found the top coat dries very quickly when applied over the nail wraps so it won’t add much extra time to your application but it will certainly add some extra gloss!

So they’re my top tips! Do you have any tips for applying Jamberry nail wraps that we could add to the list?

Brave Jamberry consultants, it’s your time to shine, share your wisdom with us in the comments below!

– Maria, xx

P.S. Want to see 3 brilliant Jamberry nail art ideas with SoNailicious x Jamberry French Twist collection? This way!

P.P.S. This is not a sponsored post. This is me sharing my best tips with you, because I want you to get the most of your brand new French Twist wraps.

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  • Lizzi

    If you have any bubbles or lifting edges, heating up the end on your rubber cuticle pusher or tweezers then using them like a tiny flat iron will help a lot.
    When taking the wraps off, a cotton tip dipped in nail polish remover run from cuticle to tip under the wrap will help remove the wrap with minimal damage.
    Always remove them from side to side, not top to bottom or bottom to top and this can separate the layers of the nail.

    Love the range.

  • Amy Chaplin

    Nail prep is essential. Make sure you remove any oils from nail bed with rubbing alcohol prior to application. Never use a wrap that is too big.You don’t want the wrap touching skin or cuticle. Also, wraps that are too big will cause creasing. For curvy nails, apply pressure up the middle of the nail first, then down one side, and then down the other side. Search “Jamberry application” on you tube to watch several different application methods to find the one that works best for you and your nails. :)

  • Sabrina Prudlik

    I agree with Amy, good nail prep is essential. Some people like to wash their hands with dishwashing liquid to remove the oils from their hands.
    To remove the wraps I break the seal with an orange woodstick and soak the nail in nail polish remover until the wrap just slides off.
    Also the wraps are heat and pressure bonded so make sure you press them firmly onto your nails.

  • Ngs

    These are great tips! I’ve been consulting for almost a year and still learned some great things I will be passing along to everyone. You’re wonderful. Thank you for bringing your talent to Jamberry!

  • Tina Margiotta

    These are great tips for application! I’ve shared your designs with my customers and we all think they’re GORGEOUS!! (I’m a Jamberry consultant :) ) One thing in your tips — you definitely should NOT peel the wraps off for removal! You can damage your nails. After gently heating, use a cuticle pusher dipped in lukewarm oil (coconut, olive, etc) or polish remover and gently work it under the wrap. This removal method is quick and easy, and ensure you won’t damage your nails! Video demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pCi7aia8gc&feature=youtu.be

  • Emma Jenkins

    if you have especially dry or brittle nails, you can do a gentle removal using slightly warmed oil like coconut or olive. just use your orange stick to break the seal at the side of your nail, then take a cotton swab or dental flosser dipped in the warmed oil and slowly rub it side to side under the wrap. it will slide right off! plus the oil is great for moisturizing your cuticles and skin. just be sure to wash your hands well with dish soap if you’re ready to do your next jamicure right away.
    the french twist is such a fun wrap! can’t wait to see how everyone rocks them!
    if anyone has questions or needs more info, hit me up at reachforthesky.jamberry.com

  • Elizabeth Hillier

    For others who have curved nails, I have learned that it’s important to make sure you are gentle while pressing wraps to the nail at first, starting with the center of the cuticle and sliding up, then carefully pressing down in an outward direction. The vinyl can be stretched-out easily with too much pressure, which leaves too much excess wrap around the edges and not enough nail for the wrap to cling to. After the wrap is smoothed out over top of your nails, you can apply more pressure to ensure a good seal. Giving the tips a bit of a downward tug before filing will also ensure a smooth edge as well.
    I have been fighting with my nails for months now to perfect application on my trickier nail shape, and there is a lot of help to be found in our Jamberry community! Now I’m very confident about wearing mine, and instructing my customers with useful tips like these!
    I’m SO excited for these designs!! Bravo Maria!! <3

  • Chandra Jirges

    Great tips! I like to use a fingernail clipper to trim my excess wrap off, take just a tiny bit of nail with it too. This helps get a good seal on the tips. And if you use a base coat (I do all the time under wraps, usually 2 coats) make sure to lightly buff your nails after the base coat is dry. Then wipe with the Jamberry Prep Cloth/Cleanser or Alcohol wipe before applying your wraps. I would also wait 2-3 hours before submerging your hands in water (so washing dishes or showering) so your wraps have time to ‘cure’ fully (I like to do mine before I go to bed). This also goes for applying them, you want your nails to be completely dry before applying wraps, so don’t do right after washing dishes or showering. Good Luck and remember take your time and don’t pull your wraps off for removal!

    Maria – I love your wrap designs and I am looking forwards to getting a couple of them! <3

  • Cheryl Skeen

    Here’s my top tips after a year using Jamberry Nail Wraps :)
    1 – Nail prep: use a non-moisturising dishwashing liquid to wash hands prior to application to ensure there are no oils on the nails. Take particular care to ensure there is no invisible Cuticle on the nails as this will cause the wraps to lift. We sell a cuticle remover pen which is awesome for getting rid of those pesky things!
    2 – Size: If in doubt, size down. It’s better to have a slightly larger gap down each side of your nail. It won’t be noticeable from the front/top. Wraps that are too wide are prone to buckling or to lifting if they touch the skin or cuticles.
    3 – Application: some people, particularly those with with curvy nails, will benefit from what is known as the 1-2-3 application method. This involves applying the wrap to the nail prior to hearing, then using 3 short 1-2 second bursts of heat followed by pressure; first up the centre, then up along each side :)
    With heat – less is more, with pressure – the more the better.
    4 – Finish: I gently file at 90degrees, down only, with the courser black file first to quickly remove the excess wrap, then finish with the glass file at 45degrees for a smooth tip.
    5 – Removal: never peel your jams! Always remove from one side to the other, not bottom to top or top to bottom. My preferred method is to dip a tool such as a rubber Cuticle pusher into some coconut oil and then after breaking the seal of the nail wrap, slowly work the oil under the wrap, pushing the wrap from one side across to the other, rather than pulling it.

    YouTube is a fabulous source for application tips and tricks :)

    Any questions – find me at Facebook.com/sassylittlenails or to my website at sassylittlenails.com :)

  • Jamie Buchanan Benningfield

    These are some great tips! I have been using Jamberry for a year and a half and will never go back to polish. I think it helps to watch videos of application. If anyone needs any videos or help , hit me up!

  • Lisa Green

    My favorite method is to apply the wraps cold first so they are in the perfect spot. Then, I use a baggie wrapped tight to apply pressure to the wrap at the same time that I apply the heat with my mini-heater. Heat and pressure are key!

    For any questions feel free to contact me at http://facebook.com/LGreenJams

  • Lyanette Gonzales

    Great tips! After I have applied my wraps I like to apply Jamberry’s TruShine Gel Enamel over them! This helps your wraps last a lot longer! But if you don’t want to put Gel over them then just make sure you wait at least 2 hours before submerging your hands in water because it gives the adhesive time to cool down and stick properly to your nails!

  • These are great tips! Be sure to follow proper removal instructions (a video is available on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK_vzBFUhFs or on any consultant’s website)! Improper removal is likely to cause nail damage (as with all nail products), and no one wants that! I love these designs and I hope everyone else is as excited! Enjoy!!!

  • Hilary

    Most people have an “invisible” cuticle that extends further over the nail bed than you would think. Making sure to remove that is one of the best tips to help get longer wear out of your nail wraps. I always err on the side of less heat instead of more. I apply all of the wraps to one entire hand giving the wraps time to fully cool before filing. I like to either clip or file with a grittier file first and then finish it off with a glass nail file for smoother tips. The smoother the finish, the less “lifting” you will have. I hope everyone enjoys their SoNalicious x Jamberry wraps! ??

  • Ol Possum

    I just bought the Geo French Twist!! I’m so excited for your collaboration and can’t wait to try them! I love all four new wraps.

  • Charleen Spencer

    Great tips! I love your style! I can’t wait to see what else you share! Consultant tip: The way I find that protects my nails the best when removing is to use remover. I saturate the wrap starting on the side, lifting the edge slightly to get the remover under the wrap to break down the adhesive. I let the remover to do the work until it slides right off. It takes a little longer, but my nails are healthy and beautiful. ???

  • Darlene

    Enjoy the process! Remember to take your time with each step. It can keep you calm while you give yourself some well deserved pampering. The end result of fantastic looking nails is sure to put a smile on your face! :)

  • Gretchen Perkins

    Be sure to make sure your nails are completely free of any oil by using Jamberry Nail Prep wipes or rubbing alcohol. Some people even swear by using vinegar. You can also smooth out any bubbles/uneven areas by heating a metal cuticle pusher and passing it gently over the troublesome area.

    And my favorite removal method is to use coconut oil to gently break the adhesive seal. It removes the wraps gently without damaging my nails AND moisturizes my hands at the same time!

  • Lucinda Johnson

    I have two of your designs on order and can not wait for them to arrive! My tip is to use a metal spoon cuticle pusher. If you heat it up you can add pressure while heating. If your wraps start to lift this is a great way to re-seal the edges as long as you catch it before you get dirt and/or oils underneath the edges. And remember, like learning to apply polish practice makes perfect!

  • Kim Beckley

    Lots of great tips both in the article and the comments. I do have a few personal best practices to add. Ive been wearing Jamberry Wraps consistently for a year now, and these are the things I find help my manis be their best:

    1. Nail Prep
    I cannot stress enough how important nail prep is. If you do not have a clean nail surface, you will not have a good Mani. Here are my prep steps:
    A. Push back cuticles with pusher or cuticle spoon
    B. Remove excess cuticles with trimmers or cuticle remover gel
    C. Push back cuticles once more
    D. Buff nail surface
    E. Wash hands with Dawn Dish Soap
    F. Wipe nails ans nail beds with Nail Prep Solution, Rubbing Alcohol or White Vinegar

    2. Wrap Size Selection
    Once you get used to applying wraps, it is a breeze to find the right size. At first it feels daunting. Here are my steps to make sure you have the right size for each nail.
    A. Using the wraps on the clear backing, line a wrap over your nail, as if you were applying it with the backing on.
    B. Look on each side of the nail. Do you see it cover skin? That’s too big. Do you see it being ridiculously far from the edges of your nails? That’s too small. If there is a sliver of free nail on each side, you have found the correct size for that nail! Be like Goldilocks!
    C. Double check your sizing on the other hand. We are not 100% symmetrical creatures. At times you may find one finger on each hand needs different wrap sizes.
    D. Not finding one? They are either all too big or too small? Try the tape method to make the wraps custom to your nail bed! (Search this in Google or YouTube, there are tons of examples out there!)

    3. Heat times:
    Jamberry has many finishes for wraps. Each wrap is different for its heat time. The thinner they are, the less heat you need, the thicker they are the more heat you need. For example, metallic wraps I don’t heat until they are fully pressed down on my nails, and then I only heat them for a second. For Sparkle wraps, I need longer, sometimes up to 5 seconds, and I heat them before placing them on my nail to make them more pliable. My average heat time is 3 seconds, and that works for the vast majority of the wrap finishes.

  • Thank you for this. I tried Jamberry nails and had no problem with them. When I first tried them I did a test between the wraps and nail polish and the nail wraps won hands down. I will not go back to nail polish. Jamberry Nail Wraps all the way for me

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