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globe and nail blog 1Globe and Nails is a Canadian nail art blog with an interesting twist. 17-year old Emma who founded her blog in April 2012, is also an aspiring ballet dancer. Her Instagram is a mixture of photos of dance and nail art. It might be her inner perfectionist that is responsible for the impeccable manicures and no less impeccable dance moves. Emma posts new nail art or swatches at least 4-5 times per week depending on her rehearsal schedule.  She paints her nails daily, often more than just once and her nail polish collection currently numbers over 500 polishes.

Today Emma is sharing some of her flawless nails secrets. Read on lovelies, there’s a lot to learn!

Why nails? 
As a 17-year-old aspiring ballet dancer, I don’t have much free time.  However, I’ve always loved doing crafty things on the side; I would go through phases where I’d be crazy  about something (like making friendship bracelets or decorating cakes) but it would always pass.  I had never really been one to paint my nails, but when I stumbled upon Chloe’s Nails I instantly fell in love with nail art.  I got a Konad stamping kit in August 2011, fully expecting it to just be a passing phase; to my surprise, I kept at it and haven’t looked back since!  My nails have become another fun (and less stressful) way to express myself and my creativity!

Your favourite sweet treat? 
Dark chocolate.

Favourite nail blogger? 
I love so many bloggers, I couldn’t possibly choose one favourite!  For swatches I always go to Scrangie; for nail art I really love XOXO Alexis Leigh, Chalkboard Nails, Coewless Polish, Chit Chat Nails, and Pshiiit, just to name a few.

Nail care product you can’t live without?
My LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter!

The best nail care tip?
Don’t use your nails as tools, and don’t pick at them or peel off polish. Ever since I started doing that, applying moisturizer religiously, and using a strengthener (Barielle Instant Liquid Nail Hardener) under ever mani, the health of my nails has improved so much!


globe and nail blogFavourite nail polish brand?
The ones I’ve got the most of are Essie and OPI, I love them!  (1) – Swatches of OPI Euro Centrale collection by Emma.

Favourite indie polish brand?
I’ve really been loving my La Couleur Couture (LaCC) polishes these past few months. Gorgeous shades and flawless formulas on every single one!  Since we live in the same city, I actually got to meet the creator, Farima, last month! (2) – Nail art with La Couleur Couture polishes.

Best luxury brand?
I can’t seem to stop buying Butter London polishes, even though the price makes me cringe. I also have one Dior that I absolutely love!

Which brand has the best formula?
As I mentioned before, La Couleur Couture polishes have amazing long-lasting formulas. piCture pOlish also consistently turns out awesome formulas.  (3) – Nail art with LaCC and piCturePOlish

Which brand has the best brush?
I really love Essie’s smaller brush, it’s super easy to use for a nice clean mani!


amazing nail art

Favourite colour combinations?
I really love using different shades of one colour together, or any combination of pastels! Pastel studded nails (1).

Favorite pattern/nail art trend?
I LOVE gradients!  I’m also loving the skittlette nail art looks (2) recently, as well as the double-accent nail (3).

The funniest/the most adventurous nail art you have ever created?
Without a question, my sloth nails (4)!!  I love sloths so much, so it was only a matter of time before I finally put them on my nails!  :P

How do you get inspired for your nail art?
I get inspired mostly from reading other blogs; I’ll often take an idea and twist it to make it my own.  I also get inspired from colours and patterns in fabric, decor, fashion, and dance costumes!

Emma was interviewed  by Maria Vlezko in September 2013. All images – provided by Emma.

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