Why You Should Buy Cruelty-Free Nail Polish. Plus, a List of Cruelty-Free Brands

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Cruelty-free. Does it matter to you if your favorite nail polish brand is cruelty-free? Do you know if it is? As a consumer you have the right to know. So when Q from Squeaky Nails, who only  writes about cruelty-free nail polish, offered to contribute an article, I was ecstatic. It’s one of those topics that is really important, yet doesn’t covered enough. So there you go guys, enjoy the read and make sure you pin/download the cruelty free nail polish list below so you have it on hand next time you’re shopping. – Maria, xx

cruelty free nail polish brands list

Why buy cruelty-free?

The reasons for buying cruelty free cosmetics are, of course, different for everyone. For me personally it just felt wrong to buy and showcase products on my blog that were tested on animals – I’d much rather support brands that are actively working on stopping animal testing. Animal testing is cruel and unnecessary, so using your power as a consumer purchasing cosmetics from cruelty free brands is an easy way to support animal rights.

Choosing cruelty free nail polish and/or cosmetics does not mean you have to throw out all of your makeup! There’s no shame in using up those products and replacing them with cruelty free alternatives over time.

How do you know if a nail polish brand is cruelty-free?

Luckily for us, finding out which brands are cruelty free has never been easier. Most brands have a section on their website about their products where you can probably find their policies regarding animal testing. Some brands – like Barry M and Models Own even have a dedicated page on the subject. If you can’t find any clear information on the website, try contacting them directly by sending them an email, or approaching them on Facebook or Twitter.

Another option is looking up a list of cruelty free brands, like this one by Leaping Bunny or the one we put together for you (based on crueltly free nail polish brand list by Sheila /Pointless Cafe). These lists are especially helpful when you’re out shopping and want to quickly check your purchases. So pin or download the list above, or bookmark this article to check back whenever you need. Also, Leaping Bunny has an app for both Iphone and Android to make conscious shopping even easier!

Surprisingly, a  lot of the more budget-friendly brands, like Essence, Catrice and Models Own are cruelty free.  Scroll through the gallery to check out a few of personal favorites:

Models Own Mushroom
Models Own Mushroom
Gosh Wildlilac
Gosh Wildlilac
Flormar Blackdot
Flormar Blackdot
Essence Galactic Glam
Essence Galactic Glam
Catrice God Father of Pearl
Catrice God Father of Pearl

What about you guys, are cruelty-free brands a high priority when you shop for a polish or cosmetics in general? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Photos: gallery – by Q/Squeaky Nails, first & second images – Maria Vlezko.

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  • Loved the topic! Should definitely be spoken about more ofte, so I’m really glad you girls brought this one today :)
    Chance or no chance, the polishes more available to me are those more budget-friendly brands, like Flormar, Essence, Catrice. And I was more than happy when Kiko and Inglot opened up a store here in Lisbon!
    As I’m a proud owner of three lovely most adorable kitty kats, I do care about cruelty-free products – it’s the right way to polish! ;)

    • I know! I wish I knew more about it earlier. But at least we know now! I still own a huge amount of not-cruelty-free brands, as most of us do. But it’s more about our future choices, ie. when we go shopping for new polish we can choose which brand to support.

  • Meghann

    OPI is not cruelty free? I thought I read somewhere it was… :(

    • As far as I know, unfortunately they’re not and I could not find any information about that on their website either. But I will double check with the brand.

  • Tammy unwin

    You can add Chi Chi Cosmetics to that Cruelty Free list honey, They are a member of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program. :)
    Tam xx

    • Thank you lovely! If you know of any other cruelty free brands, please let me know! We’d love to make this list as complete as possible! xx

  • Unfortunately this list is not updated, Givenchy, Milani Cosmetics, Dior and others in animals tested today (About Milani Cosmetics passed last start testing in animals so it’s completely normal that figure yet)

  • lisa

    Is Flormar cruelty free ?

    • Kelly

      Flormar does not test on animals!

  • Mandy

    This whole article is so wrong and full of misinformation it’s staggering.
    Chane, Dior, Make Up Store, NYX, Ulta, KORRES, and Stila all sell in China and/or are owned by animal testing parent companies. By law in China to sell any cosmetic item in their stores products must be tested on animals. They have recently changed their laws slightly but most cosmetics still fall into the category that requires animal testing.
    It’s also incorrect to say that it’s easy to find out which products are tested on animals and which aren’t because many companies actively hide animal testing, exploit loop holes (eg finial product isn’t tested on animals but ingredients are), and are owned by animal testing parent companies. Many brands will try to hide if they’re owned by parent companies and often if you email an animal testing company they’ll give you some long winded reply designed to confuse people.
    I don’t trust PETA’s list of cruelty free brands because they’ve proven to be very inaccurate and often list brands owned by animal testing parent companies without telling you. The Leaping Bunny is better because they tell you if a brand is owned by a testing parent company (such as The Body Shop which is owned by L’Oreal). In Australia the very best list is Choose Cruelty Free, they wont list brands unless they’re 100% cruelty free (The Body Shop isn’t on their list). Please update your information or get rid of the page completely, it’s hard enough to work out which brands are cruelty free without people like you giving out misinformation.

    • Hi Mandy, thanks for your comment. It appears that you did not read this article at all. For instance, at no point we mentioned PETA as a trust worthy resource or tell people what to buy, and I could go on. This article was written by an expert to help people to make informed decisions. However, I’ll discuss your concerns with the author and see how we can improve our content in the future. In the meantime, feel free to write your own article on this subject and compile your own list of cruelty free polish brands and send it to us, we will gladly publish it here. I offered this to you in my response to your first email. This offer is still valid. However, I’d suggest to think about what you’re saying and how when leaving comments on SoNailicious. I understand you’re passionate about this subject. But just to let you know, rudeness will not be tolerated towards any of our authors/contributors. Please note.

  • natasha

    how can anuone trust a company if it doesn’t stat on the products.

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