Object of Desire: Christian Louboutin, the Most Luxurious Lacquer in the World

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CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN NEW NAIL POLISH ROUGECHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN NEW NAIL POLISH 1CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN nail polish swatchYou’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard yet the major news that has excited both shoes addicts and nail polish enthusiasts – Christian Louboutin has just launched an eponymous nail polish range! This is Louboutin’s first ever beauty venture and, coincidence or not, this range is set to become the most luxurious nail polish on the market retailing at US$50.

Right now, only one shade is available – Rouge Louboutin. It’s an incredibly glossy red matching the iconic ruby soles on Louboutin shoes and is available exclusively via Saks Fifth Avenue. On August 6, the same shade will go on sale at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Sephora. Not into red? Fear not, Louboutine will get your money one way or another. From August 31, 3 new lines containing 30 more shades of Louboutin nail polish will be available!

The bottles are designed to be objets d’art with heavy molded glass bases that were inspired by European buildings from the 18th century. The extra-long pointed cap looks like a stiletto heel and helps to apply the polish flawlessly. Hmmm… did Louboutin borrowed this idea from Julep? Maybe, but the new custom-designed, patented triangular brush to ensure precise application and prevent air bubbles is innovative 100%.

The high-gloss polish formula is pure luxury, with UV protection and also 3-Free. Louboutin’s team claims “two coats give the effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer” – I’m only hoping they mean colour not the thickness. The palette was inspired by leather and fabric samples sourced by Louboutin and his team and were then reworked to complement a various skin tones. The shades, named after iconic Louboutin pieces, are meant to be paired with the shoes. The collection consists of 3 lines:

  • the Pops – bright hues with silver caps,
  • the Noirs – dark, vampy hues with gunmetal tops,
  • the Nudes – neutral tones with rose gold handles.


To keep things fresh and exciting, Louboutin also has plans to add new colors to complement new collections of footwear at least twice a year.

Will you be getting any? I know you will! The real question is: which colour Louboutin’s objet d’art polish will you be adding to your collection? And, at a price $50 per bottle, how many (realistically)?

– Maria, xx

PC: Christian Louboutin

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  • The shades look absolutely gorgeous, and the bottle seems really unique, I’m curious about the formula. Would I fork out $50 for a single bottle of polish? Not in my lifetime. However, for someone wanting to spend $50 on my bday/christmas/anniversary etc, I would not fret if that $50 was spent on a single bottle of this polish :)

    • Great thinking – that would be a perfect Birthday present – luxurious yet useful! re: formula. I’ve read some reviews about Louboutin polish and they all say – the formula is really nice! I haven’t tried myself yet. I guess, it’ll take sometime before we have them in Australia. x

  • First of all i doubt that these will be available in India, and even if there are available I will not spend 3000 bucks on one bottle of nail polish ! and anyways every makeup is overpriced here in India so i am guessing these would be more than 3000!

    • I know!!! It’s the same here in Australia, all polishes cost at least 3 times more. Ugh… For $50 I’d get a bottle or two. But I’m afraid in Australia they’ll be $100 or $150 :O

  • I’ll be visiting sephora next month and if they’re available is definitely buy them just cos the heels are out of my reach at the moment

  • Donna Shelley

    I received my Christian Louboutin Rouge 2 days ago! It is the most amazing Nail Polish I have ever worked with! It is well worth the £36 I paid for it, and I can’t wait to add to my collection!

  • You are going to love it Maria, I just posted my full review of it xx

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