What Celebrity Nail Polish Collection Would You Like To Happen?

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best celebrity nail polish collections

One of Hollywood’s glitziest awards shows – the Golden Globe Awards take place this weekend. So this Sunday is going to be all about celebrities – their dresses, makeup and of course, manicures. And, this got me thinking about celebrity nail polish collections that are becoming quite common these days –  Zooey Deschanel nail wraps, Katy Perry OPI range, Fergie Wet’n’Wild, OPI Mariah Carey and the most recent OPI Gwen Stefani hit range.

Now imagine, if you could choose a celebrity to team up with your favorite nail polish brand…

My ultimate collaboration? It would have to be Ciate collaborating with Freddie Mercury (if he was alive).

Now, over to you… What celebrity + nail polish collaboration would you like to happen?

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  • Niki T.

    I’d love it if Rihanna did something with OPI.

    • Agree, that would be a good one, Rihanna has been sporting some remarkable nails recently! x

  • I think working with beyonce would be so much fun. She loves being fashion forward and takes things over the edge. Conversely it would be fun to do a total elegant and sophisticated line with Kate Middleton! That would be cool.

    • That’s such an interesting idea! Kate Middleton nail polish range… I’d love to see that to.

  • Oh, this is a tough question! I would love to see OPI pair up with Britney Spears! She’s an icon :)

    • That’s a good one! Though I think a lot of brands won’t be that keen teaming up with Britney. She’s an icon but she also ‘misbehaved’ a lot…

  • Dana

    I was thinking maybe Lady Gaga collaborating with Butter London. And add some nails decor options with it.

    • That would be fun! Even maybe some crazy clip on a-la Gaga stiletto nails with gold 3-D embellishments!

  • I would like to see Britney Spears OPI collection.

  • Kitty

    Rihanna was my first thought as well. Zooey Deschanel often has fun quirky nailart so she could do some youthful creative collection with bonus stickers.

    • Zooey collaborated with Rad Nails in 2013 – they did some stickers. But yes, Zooey’s own nail polish line would be great!

  • I’d love to see Florence Welch from Florance and the Machine collaborate with a (cruelty-free) brand!

    • That would be amazing! I love Florence by the way. x

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