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best vitamins for nails

Recently I was interviewed by a beauty magazine and they asked me if I take any special vitamins or food supplements for my nails. “Of course” I answered. As someone with naturally weak nails prone to breaking, vitamins is a must for me, along with other essential elements of my nail care routine. I wrote READ MORE

biggest nail art struggle

Practice makes it perfect. It makes sense, before you can reach perfection, you must struggle. My biggest nail art challenge used to be drawing long thin lines. One shake of the hand and nail design is ruined but after a few months of practice the tiniest and thinnest lines are doable. But there is still READ MORE

what guys think about nail art

First of all a disclaimer: by ‘men’ we mean the average punter, not the exceptional gentlemen who work in the beauty industry, male nail bloggers or males living with a manicurist or nail blogger.  Now the shocking news! Last month we conducted a research asking males just one question: “What manicures/nail art you don’t like the READ MORE

budget nail polish brands 1

As much as we all love spoiling ourselves with occasional treats such as Chanel and Dior lacquers, to own the entire collection or buy every single new colour is beyond most budgets. Even Essie or OPI can be unaffordable, especially in Australia where nail polish is so over-priced. For instance, with a price tag $20 for a READ MORE

nail art inspiration

Sunday talk sessions are back! So let’s talk about inspiration… My two favourite sources of nail art inspiration are fashion and nature (have a look at this nail-spiration Pin-board). Fashion is easier because as I mentioned in this post, it’s all already there for you. Prints, colours, patterns… just get the matching polishes and with a bit of READ MORE