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nail art, nail art tips, how to improve your nail art

So, you have a great nail art idea in your head and then you’re trying to bring it to life and… it’s a failure. I know the feeling. I’ve done that too. SO. MANY. TIMES. Until I’ve discovered a few simple principles that now allow me to execute almost any nail design flawlessly. Today I’m READ MORE

younger looking hands, how to make hands look young

You can make your face look younger with makeup, dye your hair to cover the greys but what can you do to improve the appearance of hands? Well, actually quite a lot if you start early! This may not be a huge concern when you’re 18 but believe me, when you pass 25, your concerns start READ MORE

glass nail file, best nail file for your nails

More than just a quick fix for nail emergencies, nail files play an important role in keeping your nails smooth and healthy. Traditional emery boards, steel nail files or glass nail files…. we all have one sitting in the bottom of our hand bag or in our drawer. Is there a difference? Is one more superior than READ MORE

best online shopping sites

Why a shopping guide? Because my dear nail art warriors, it’s SALE season! It’d be a crime not to share some of my favourite online shopping sites for fashion and beauty. These stores are trusted, have great customer service, most of them offer shipping worldwide and some even offer FREE returns. Plus, the sale season READ MORE

Instagram update, new instagram algorithm

A lot of people have been panicking about the new Instagram update. I am no exception! Even though Instagram announced today that they won’t be changing our feeds right now, the update is still going to happen. It’s frustrating when you put a lot of time and effort into growing your account, curating your feed READ MORE