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how to take nail photos

How do you take nail photos? – is the most frequently asked question I get. So I thought it’s time to share some of my photography secrets, so you too, can create amazing nail art images! With social media and nail art industry becoming increasingly competitive, presenting your work in the best possible way is READ MORE

Last week we were looking at how to watermark photos in Photoshop. This week we’re showing you our best 5 iPhone apps for watermarking photos. Getting an app for watermarking is particularity relevant if your Instagram account is growing fast and you want to strengthen your branding  or if you simply want to protect your work READ MORE

With nail art trending, it’s not surprising that the most frequently asked question I get asked is not about nail care routine or nail art techniques but… how to watermark photos? Watermarking photos helps to strengthen/build your brand and is also the easiest way to protect your photos from unauthorized use. Should any dispute arise READ MORE

best photogrpahy tips for nail art

This week we’ve received quite a few questions about the best nail photography tips and how to make nails look beautiful on photos. For instance: Summer asks “I have a question about your photography. How do you get your hands to look so matte and even? It is a very beautiful effect. Is it a READ MORE


After announcing a new “Ask SoNailicious” feature, I received a few interesting questions that I’ll be answering over the next few weeks on SoNailicious, every Sunday. Today I’m answering one of the most common questions – how to fix dry cuticles with hangnails. Our reader, Christine asks: “…no matter how much cuticle oil/creams and hand READ MORE